For Now, Please Walk: Iowa Smash Bros. Arcadian

For Now, Please Walk: Iowa Smash Bros. Arcadian


October 7, 2023    
11:00 am - 9:00 pm


Des Moines Gaming Club
2323 Grand Ave, Des Moines, IA, 50312

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Let’s walk.

DMGC and the team that brought you Run, Don’t Walk presents For Now, Please Walk – the return of the Iowa Smash Bros. Arcadian! This time around, Ultimate and Melee will be featured.

There will also be a P+ Singles side event. This bracket will NOT be arcadian style, and anyone can enter.

In Arcadian events, ranked players are ineligible to enter for Singles. Both games will have Singles events as well as a Big Brother Doubles event, where players ineligible for Singles can team up with an unranked player.

Melee Singles will be having a $100 pot bonus contributed by our past Arcadian winners! Big shoutouts to oh, diggles137, Maple, GDubs, and Tienda!

For Melee and Ultimate Singles, unranked out of state players are allowed, if you are unranked in your region AND have attended an Iowa tournament this year; with HEAVY discretion by the TOs. If you wish to enter and are unsure if you would be allowed, reach out on Discord to Trejohn6 for any Ultimate inquiries, and SlowkingSSBM for any Melee inquiries!

Melee Singles will be running Round Robin Pools into TRIPLE ELIMINATION bracket. EVERYONE makes it out of Round Robin pools for at least one more set! Yes, it’ll be janky on Start.GG, but, it’s gonna be dope.

Please DM the event organizers (Trejohn6 for Ultimate, Slowking & GDubs for Melee) to see if you are eligible to enter if you have been ranked in the past and are interested in attending. Failure to do so may result in you being turned away at the door.


2323 Grand Ave STE 400, Des Moines, IA 50312

Parking is available onsite.

If you enter from the Grand Ave side door, take the stairs down to find the venue.

Venue Fee: $10 ($5 off for carpool reimbursement for carpools of 4 people and outside of the Ames/DSM area)
Event Fee: $10 per event ($10 per team for doubles events)

Payment taken on-site, cash only. You can only enter up to 3 events, and only one doubles event.

Ultimate will be streamed at
Melee will be streamed at (full details TBD but Melee will be streamed!)

Emergency Registration & Check-In: 11:00am
Ultimate Doubles: 12:00pm
Rivals of Aether Singles: 12:45pm
Melee Doubles: 1:00pm
Ultimate Singles: 1:30pm
Melee Singles: 2:30pm

(Times are approximate and subject to change, but we would like to start as on time as possible.)

Where best of 5 sets begin depend on tournament attendance and are determined day of, but minimum will always be Top 8 for Ultimate/Melee and Top 3 for Rivals.


Singles Events (48+ entrants): Top 8

1st: 40%
2nd: 24%
3rd: 16%
4th: 10%
5th: 5% each
7th: Entry Fee

Singles Events (32+ entrants): Top 6

1st: 50%
2nd: 25%
3rd: 15%
4th: 10%
5th: Entry Fee

Singles (20+ entrants): Top 4

1st: 60%
2nd: 30%
3rd: 10%
4th: Entry Fee

Singles Events / Ultimate Doubles (10+ entrants): Top 3

1st: 60%
2nd: 30%
3rd: 10%

Melee Doubles: Top 2

1st: 70%
2nd: 30%

Payout percentages and placings are subject to change based on an event’s attendance.


Ultimate Stagelist is below – we will be running the Iowa Smash Bros. Ultimate Unified Stage Ruleset (included below). Shorthand ruleset is available at

Melee Ruleset:

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