DMGC will offer leagues to its members where the winners take home cash prizes. Any game on any platform can have a league if there is enough interest. Leagues will typically consist of playing each team in the league twice, one match a week. If there is a large number of competitors, multiple matches can be played a week. A league will most likely span 3-4 months with the goal of having 3 leagues a year (assuming enough interest throughout). A point system will be used to keep track of league standing. 3 points for a win, 0 points for a loss, and 1 point for a draw (where applicable). Map count or severity of victory/defeat could come into play in the need for a tiebreaker. Fill out the form below if you wish to show interest in starting a league on a particular game.

League matches will be set on a schedule and time slots will be set aside for players/teams to come in and play their match. Again, league play comes free to members so it will not be timed or paid for since it comes with the membership.

Depending on interest levels in a game with varying platforms, controller players and mouse & keyboard players may be entered into the same league. (Maybe we’ll finally find out who is better if that happens!)