Iowa FGC B-Sides

Iowa FGC B-Sides


July 9, 2023    
11:00 am - 9:00 pm

Event Type

B-Sides are back Baby! This is the return of Des Moines Second Monthly at the brand-new Des Moines Gaming Club. This inaugural month we will be running 4 games. Vampire Savior, MYSTERY, Samurai Shodown, and Tekken 7

  • 10$ venue fee to get in
  • The venue will have snacks and drinks
  • Bring your own controllers
  • Be Respectful of the venue
  • If you drive and carpool 4 or more people in your vehicle you will get your venue fee waived
  • If you bring a full setup (Monitor/console with at least 1 tournament game and all DLC) you will have your venue fee cut to 5$

Tournament Details/Schedule

Venue Info
  • 10$ to get in and play casuals/enter brackets
  • Casuals and set up start at 11
  • Bring your own controller to make sure you are able to play games.
  • Mostly have PS4/PS5s with a few people bringing their PCs
  • Once tournaments start casual setups will be switched to tournaments unless otherwise specified
  • 5$ to enter any of our 4 events
  • Can enter as many brackets as you want with no limits
  • Detailed rulesets will be available on each games page
  • Prize splits will be 50/30/20 for all 4 games
  • Each game will get a 25$ Pot Bonus for every 8 entrants it receives
  • The schedule for the tournaments is as follows
  • Vampire Savior starts at 12:00
  • MYSTERY starts at 1:00
  • Samurai Shodown starts at 2:00
  • Tekken 7 starts at 3:00
  • Winding down events and clean up at 5:00
  • The event ends at 6:00

Contact Us

Please feel free to reach out to us at the IOWA FGC Discord to stay up to date on all news about the goings on in our scene and ask any questions!