Tuesday Telecast February 16th, 2021

Morning everyone, Dan here with Des Moines Gaming Club doing some voiceover work today. I’m excited to give you all an update on the Club itself alongside some pictures I took yesterday. It’s still a work in progress but it is coming along pretty quickly. While it stinks that we can’t be open right now, the delay has allowed us to take our time and focus on building out the space the way we won’t to without rushing.

First I’ll give you an overview of the space. We have approximately 1800 sq. feet at the Runway Studios space in the Southridge Mall. For those who don’t know, the Runway Studios is a small business incubator that has helped us and other businesses quite a bit in getting things off the ground and going. We have two sections in our space. A gaming half and a lounge half. In the gaming half we have 10 gaming PCs with intel core i7-9700f processors, 16GB memory, Nvidia Geforce RTX 2070 Super graphics cards, 1TB HDDs and a 480GB Solid State drive, and all of these PCs are Des Moines Gaming Club branded. They look pretty cool if I do say so myself. We also have some awesome looking DMGC branded Astro A40 headsets and even DMGC mouse pads. As you can see our mainstage is pretty unique as we built it ourselves out of a metal building material called octonorm. We can’t WAIT to see competitions take place here.

Now, we also have consoles! We have two Nintendo Switches, a Playstation 5 both a regular and Digital version, and finally we have a Xbox Series S and X.  The way we currently have our gaming area laid out allows for quite a lot of space in between players and the ability to walk around and watch others playing. It of course also allows space for expansion which is nice. On the other half of the Club we have the lounge area. This will be a big part of Des Moines Gaming Club because while we want to focus on providing regular LAN competitions, we also want to create a community and a space for gamers to socialize with other gamers, watch esports events, and to play casual games in a social environment. We have nice chairs and couches and of course as always, we’ve got the LED lights to give off that gaming vibe.

We have had some recent additions to the space including cameras, a cool red metal half wall that lines the edges of the Club, and a hanging TV in the lounge area. Two of our great friends Gabe and Cassie also gifted us an AMAZING wooden logo of Des Moines Gaming Club. The painting is excellent and it’s quite hefty as well. It is probably 3-4 ft tall and about 2 and half feet wide. This will look so cool hanging on our wall so a big shoutout and thank you to them.

Well that about does it for updates on the Club itself. As always, if you have any questions about anything always feel free to reach out. Thankfully it seems today might be the last day of the frigid cold temperatures so stay warm out there today and we certainly look forward to Summer when temperatures will be warmer, Covid vaccines should be distributed, and Des Moines Gaming Club can hopefully be open. Till next time, thanks for watching and happy gaming!