Tuesday Telecast June 8th, 2021

Morning gamers and welcome to another Tuesday Telecast, Des Moines Gaming Club’s weekly update. We are less than two weeks away from our Grand Opening! Remember, Thursday June 17th at noon we will officially be opening up the club to the public! Our Grand Opening Weekend event will go through all the way till Sunday when we will close at 4pm. Thursday and Friday we will be open from Noon to 9pm. Saturday will be Noon to somewhere in the 6pm to8pm range and then Sunday will be 10 am to 4pm. Throughout the whole weekend folks are welcome to come tour the space, try out the equipment for free, and take part in our sales/giveaways. Dymin Systems will be providing a gift basket of gaming accessories worth about $500. To sign up you will just have to tell me and I will put your name into a spreadsheet and then Sunday night I will use a random number generator to pick the winner. FYI members will get to enter their name twice…

As for this week, my colleagues and I are busy getting the club ready. Recently we just built the rack that houses our server, router, switch, power, etc. and we also connected our PCs via cat 6 ethernet cables. After some pretty basic testing yesterday, we were running at 900 mbs down and 1 ping so that was nice to see. Also, as you may have seen, we are not doing our online locas this week just so that we can focus on setting up the slub for the grand opening. The online locals were a lot of fun and we were glad to be able to interact with our community while we waited for Covid to die down. Just want to shout out Meaty, who has played in basically every smash event we’ve done and won probably 60-70% of them. He has easily won well over $100 in cash prizes so there is definitely opportunity to win cash or other prizes here at DMGC.

One note I want to mention. Our Gaming PCs are the main piece of equipment for our club. Most team competitive games will be played on the PCs but if you are a controller player no need to worry. We plan on having a few on hand, but if you have your controller that you like then please feel free to bring that controller. You are also welcome to bring your own headset and mouse & keyboard if you so choose. Again, we have that equipment but gamers tend to like their own equipment and like having that familiarity. In regards to bringing your own equipment, if you are a content creator, please feel free to bring a camera, mic, capture card if you want to live stream or make a video here. Please just email us so we can do some background research and can talk with you about our policies. We hope to have some studio equipment of our own eventually but that is something we will have to get a little bit further down the road. 

As always feel free to message us on Facebook, Twitter, or email us at info@dsmgamingclub.com with any questions.

Now for some esports industry news! Of course the event that everyone is talking about is the Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul “Boxing Match” that occurred on Sunday night. If you don’t know, Logan Paul is a massive though sometimes controversial content creator. In the past few years he has expanded on his identity by becoming a fighter. In this most recent “match” he fought possibly the greatest boxer of all time Floyd Mayweather in 8 rounds without getting knocked out. The rules for the match said that there was to be no declared winner so a winner wasn’t officially declared though many unofficial stats showed that Mayweather had significantly better stats. My favorite part of this whole ordeal was when Mayweather was asked about his career and putting this match next to some of his other great matches. He said, “when it comes to legalized bank robbing, I’m the best.” and it’s hard to deny that.

The North American League of Legends league has resumed after the mid-season invitational tournament. Team Solo-Mid or TSM for short, took the league lead after a clean 3-0 weekend. Popular organization 100Thieves got back-to-back wins over Cloud 9 and Dignitas while Immortals continues their hot streak making their own case for a finals bid. You can watch the LCS on Twitch, YouTube or the LCS’s website.

Mark Zuckerberg has announced a major incentive to streamers who want to use Facebook Gaming. Just yesterday, he announced that content creators will be able to keep 100% of their subscription money for another two years. Currently, a regular Twitch sub costs $4.99 but Twitch takes half of that for their revenue share meaning for at least two years, Facebook subs will earn streamers twice as much money. Will be interesting to see if that is enough to entice some of the bigger streamers.

That’l do it for us today, thanks for watching and happy gaming!