Tuesday Telecast May 18th, 2021

Good Morning and welcome to yet another Tuesday Telecast! We are on track to host a Grand Opening weekend here at DMGC Thursday June17th through June 20th! Official hours and more details to come but we are so excited to share that we are planning on having the space open in just about a month and cannot wait to share it with all of the gamers here in Central Iowa. Folks will be able to come in, check out the space, try out the equipment as well as take part in a few, fun grand opening events/giveaways. We aren’t going to have any competitions because we want to focus on showing off the space that first weekend so casual play will be available but we won’t have any tournaments. But of course, as you know, after that opening weekend we’ll be sure to start planning lots of tournaments and events. It will be free to come in and check out the club and as I said you’ll be able to sit down and play if you want as well. For the Grand Opening weekend, everyone’s first hour is free so you won’t have to worry about not trying any of the equipment or games! Also, for the grand opening weekend we will be offering a limited time sale on our memberships so that will certainly be the time to join the club if you haven’t already. Again, we’ll have more details shortly that will be posted on our Facebook, Twitter, and website.

In coming days we will also have some important news in regards to some partnerships that we have been able to develop. These are amazing companies that believe in what Des Moines Gaming Club is doing and have decided to directly help the building of the gaming community here in Central Iowa and we can’t wait to share with you all more of who they are and what they are providing. Until then, we do continue with our regularly scheduled online locals every Thursday and Friday night, as well as Saturday afternoon. Check out our website for the details and to sign up. As always, but especially now as we get closer to opening up the club, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have. You can reach us by email at info@dsmgamingclub.com, or message us on Facebook or Twitter. 

Now to end today’s Tuesday Telecast we’ll talk about some news from around the esports industry! In Call of Duty League, their third Major tournament of the year was held this past weekend and the competition hasn’t been higher. Fan favorites OpTic Gaming made valiant Loser’s bracket run but came up short, falling to defending champs Toronto Ultra in a Game 5 round 11 and finished 4th place. Finally though, Atlanta FaZe ended up on top after defeating the New York Subliners in the Grand Finals. This is now their 2nd major tournament win after they won the first major tournament back in early March.

Many of you have probably heard of NFTs but if you haven’t, NFT’s are a new form of online token that can be purchased or traded. NFT stands for non-fungible token and the technology is based in the Ethereum blockchain. On a simple level, people compare NFTs to trading cards like Pokemon except that these are all digital, no physical substance to them. An easy example to give is the very first tweet by the founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey. He has it up for bid and last I checked it was still going for upwards of $2.5 million. Once someone buys it, only they have access to view this tweet, if that makes sense. Anyways, this new technology is being applied in other ways and industries and the gaming industry is no exception. It will be interesting to see if and how NFTs have an influence on gaming but one way they could be used is as a new form of “in game” currencies or accessories. Imagine you buy the Superman suit as a skin any of your avatars can wear in any game you play, only you have access to that skin plus you own and could choose to sell it or trade it. That is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the possible application of NFTs in gaming.

Finally, in an interesting but honestly not so surprising move, 100Thieves owner and CEO Nadeshot has voluntarily revoked his partner status on Twitch. He has agreed with Twitch to set his account back to affiliate status so that he can co-stream LA Thieves Call of Duty matches over on YouTube. As a partner of Twitch, you are able to make more money, but you have an agreement that you can only stream on Twitch. Since the Call of Duty League is partner with YouTube, their matches can only be streamed on YouTube so this way Nadeshot can now stream himself watching his team’s matches on YouTube, while still playing other games on Twitch. 5 years ago he came back to Twitch in what was at the time one of the biggest moments gaming after he had spent so long exclusively streaming his Call of Duty gameplay on MLG.TV.

Well, that does it for today’s telecast, thank you all so much for watching and until next time, uhhhh see ya!