Tuesday Telecast November 9th, 2021

Good Afternoon folks! Welcome to another Tuesday Telecast, Des Moines Gaming Club’s weekly update!

Today would normally be FGC local day at 7pm here at the Club but the FGC local has now been officially moved to Friday’s at 7pm! Awhile back we wanted to switch up the days of all of our local tournaments just to freshen up the schedule and provide an opportunity for folks that couldn’t make certain days, hoping that they could make the new day for the tournament they wanted to play in. FGC had a choice between Tuesday and Friday and chose Tuesday based on folks feedback, however after a few weeks it seems like more people would be able to come and would rather do it on Friday’s so we are now moving it to Fridays! Of course, for anyone who comes tonight expecting to play fighting games we will be running casuals so feel free to stop on by anyways! We are big fans of the FGC here at Des Moines Gaming Club and we are always looking for ways to accommodate you as best we can.

That leads me to my text point which is that we currently have a twitter poll running asking the FGC about a possible change in how we run the locals. Multiple folks have reached out to us asking for more casuals and a suggestion that has been made is that we run just 1 official tournament so that we have more setups for casuals and that the one tournament would get done sooner also allowing for more casuals. We will continue to do the FGC monthly every two months and that will have at least 4 games if not more for tournament play. Another suggestion made was to run a B-side tournament every other month with some of the older/not as mainstream fighting games.Doing that I feel would make a good balance between offering competitive fighting game tournaments and plenty of casual matches as well. So please go submit your answer on that twitter poll if you have an opinion and feel free to reach out to us with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Moving on from FGC, we have a regular schedule of casual play for the club this week being open 1pm-10pm Tuesday-Thursday, 1pm-11pm Friday & Saturday, and 11am-5pm on Sunday.

Smash Local is still wednesday at 7pm, FIFA 22 is Thursday at 7pm and with FGC moving to Friday, Rocket League will be put on halt for this week but we will likely be putting that on Tuesday’s or Sundays moving forward so keep an eye out for that announcement coming in the next week or so.

We held our Call of Duty Launch weekend event here at the club and we had a handful of CoD fans stop by which was nice to see. It seems the reviews are still out on Vanguard but it’s always fun to play the new CoD upon release. We had folks reach out about wanting to have a CoD LAN tournament for cash prize and that’s something we’ve wanted to do anyways so there will be more Vanguard events in the future so stay tuned for that.

We also want to do more social events for popular games where we have blocks of time set aside here at the club for fans of a certain game to come and play casually, competitively, be able to meet other players, and to possibly start up tournaments. One game we intend on doing this for is Valorant sometime before the end of the month.

Anyways, that about does it for DMGC updates, let’s move on to some esports industry updates.

EDward Gaming has been crowned the League of Legends World Champions after defeating the previous years’ winners Damwon Kia. During the final moments of the match there were over 4 million concurrent viewers worldwide on Twitch smashing previous live event records. This goes to show that Lol is the most popular esport in the world. This was a big win for China as South Korea has long been thought the best region for Lol but now perhaps China can claim that title.

Natus Vincere or NaVi for short won the first CSGO Major held in two years this past weekend beating G2 in the Grand Finals. This was a momentous occasion that also saw huge viewership numbers. Simple, the most famous and probably best CSGO player lead NaVi to the win finally getting himself and his org their first major win.

Finally, after much speculation OpTic Gaming and the Dallas Empire, ran by Envy, have merged their Call of Duty teams into OpTic Texas. This information was leaked months ago but it was finally announced via OpTic’s YouTube series the Process. OpTic and Envy have long been rivals in the CoD community so to see them teaming up has some folks excited and some folks angry but the team they have on paper should be very good. Dasy, Illey, Shotzzy, and Scump may even be able to challenge FaZe, though it seems they haven’t been challenged in nearly two years so who knows.

That’l do it for today’s telecast. Thanks so much for watching, and we’ll see you at the Club!