Tuesday Telecast October 26th, 2021

Hello again and welcome to another weekly update from Des Moines Gaming Club! Have to start off today by reminding everyone about our big Monthly fighting game tournament on Saturday! Clash in the Capital is our first FGC monthly and it will start here at the Club at Noon. We have 1v1 double elimination tournaments in Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, Guilty Gear Strive, & Melty Blood: Type Lumina! I’ll get to the club early so feel free to come anytime after 10:45. We will likely stagger the start of a few of the tournaments so we can progress at a good rate. You can sign up on smashgg or on our website. If you sign up on our website be sure to type in what games you will be playing in. Links to both sign ups have been posted on our social media pages of Facebook, Twitter, and Discord. As far as we are aware, no other business is doing an event on Saturday so we should have a majority of the parking lot right out front of the Club so parking shouldn’t be an issue. One last thing I want to mention is that spectators are welcome, you can just pay the $7 venue fee and you can stay for the duration of the tournament. With that $7 venue fee you’d be welcome to play casuals as well if the number of setups and the tournament progression allows that, which, it might not so no promises on the casual games but it is a possibility. We can’t wait for Saturday and look forward to seeing you there!

Now, be sure to stop by tonight at the club at 7pm if you want to get in some practice for Saturday because tonight is our weekly fighting game tournaments. On schedule today is Guilty Gear Strive, Tekken 7, and Melty Blood. Tomorrow at 7pm is our weekly Smash bros tournaments in Ultimate & Melee. Thursday at 7pm is our weekly FIFA 22 tournament, and Friday at 7pm is our weekly Rocket League tournament. The casual play schedule for the Club this week is Tuesday-Thursday 1pm-10pm, Friday 1pm-11pm, Saturday casual play for PCs only will be available during the monthly FGC tournament but the Club will close at the conclusion of the tournament likely somewhere in the 4pm-6pm range. Finally, Sunday will be normal open hours from 11am to 5pm.

Now let’s get into some esports industry news. League of Legends Worlds has continued this past week with the quarter final stage coming to a close. Title favorites Damwon Kia 3-0d Europes last hope in MAD Lions. GenG 3-0d North America’s last hope in Cloud 9 and T1 and EDward Gaming were the other teams to make it to the semi finals. This marks the worst ever result for western League of Legends with many saying the gap is going to get bigger and bigger. The semi final matches will be played this weekend with the huge match up of T1 vs Damwon Kia happening on Saturday and GenG vs EDG happening on Sunday. Both matches will start at 7am so you can wake up and have some coffee and breakfast and watch the 4 best teams in the world compete to make it to the final. 

The Apex Legends Global Series split 1 continues as well with matches being held each weekend for 6 straight weeks. Again, there are 5 regions across the globe competing to be able to show up to the end of year championship. Each region has 40 teams competing with 10 teams forming 4 groups in each region. On match day, two groups will for a lobby of 20 teams and play 6 matches in a row to determine their standings via a point system based on placement and kills. In North America, the top 3 teams after two weeks are SpaceStation Gaming, Sentinels, and Esports Arena with notable teams TSM and NRG sitting at 10th and 25th respectively.

Finally, the first CSGO Major in 2 years is happening in Stockholm, Sweden. $2 million in total prize money is up for grabs with first place taking home $1million for themselves. Defending champs Astralis are favorites though they dropped their first match of the tournament this morning against CPH flames. Matches started today and will go through to the final on November 7th. You can watch this on CSGO’s YouTube channel.

Well, that’l do it for today’s Tuesday Telecast. Thanks so much for watching and we wish everyone a fun and safe Halloween weekend!