Call of Duty Coming to DMGC – Tuesday Telecast 1.26.2021

Hello everyone. This is Dan with Des Moines Gaming Club bringing you this week’s update. We are thrilled with all the interest we have received for Call of Duty! Remember, we have a Warzone point race coming up on Friday, so be sure to sign up for that ASAP so we can finalize the formatting. The winning team will receive $20 per person. We have also received 22 league submission forms from our website for a Call of Duty league. With teams being made up of four people, we felt that having at least 5 teams in a league would be sufficient to start setting one up. 

With 22 people already expressing interest, that puts us at 5 and a half teams assuming all 22 actually end up being a part of the league. We won’t start the league for another couple of weeks so until then we will accept more people into the league, with a cap of 40 people. That would make a nice, even, 10 teams in our first ever league. The last day to sign up for this league will be two weeks from today, Tuesday February 9th. So until that day or until we get 40 people signed up, be sure to share with everyone you know! Obviously more teams in the league makes it more fun and interesting, but as an added incentive, we may increase the cash prize if we max out this league. 

To view the details and sign up for this league, please click on the link in  the description.

Des Moines Gaming Club is also excited to announce a new membership option. We are now offering a One Game membership at a monthly or annual rate for those gamers who love that one, special game and know that’s really all they are interested in. The One Game membership will allow you to participate in any online event we do for your specified game. This includes tournaments, leagues, watch events, etc. Now of course, we still have our Founding Membership, and this option offers the most value if you are somebody who is interested in multiple games. The Founding Membership allows you to have access to ANY of our online events for free as well as receiving an exclusive t-shirt and pin. The Founding Members of Des Moines Gaming Club are those people who can see the potential and know that a gaming venue like this will serve the Des Moines area greatly and for those people, we are so grateful for helping us build this business, especially during this pandemic.

As always if you have questions, feel free to reach out to us on Facebook, twitter, our discord, or email us at Again, we really appreciate all the interest in Call of Duty and even though this online format isn’t what we had in mind, we are just glad to be getting underway. Who knows maybe the next Call of Duty league we run this year can be in person. Stay safe out there and happy gaming on yet another classic Iowa snow day.