Tuesday Telecast February 2nd, 2021

Good Morning everyone and welcome to another Tuesday Telecast here on the 2nd of February. Another month has passed and hopefully that means another month closer to opening our club for in-person events. Till then, as you may have seen, we are building an online format where we can host online tournaments and leagues until we can actually do this at our club. Fingers crossed for Summer! 

Just yesterday we announced our regular, local, online events. Not this week, but next week, we will have weekly events scheduled for three games. Every Thursday at 7pm we will host an online Smash Ultimate tournament. It will be 1v1, 3 stock, 7 minutes, double elimination. Every Friday at 7pm we will host a Rocket League tournament. The format of which will depend on the number of entries. And every Saturday at 1pm we will host a Warzone tournament/point race. Again, format of which will be determined by the number of participants. Finally, every Sunday at 1pm we will do a “special” event or rotating game. So one week it could be FIFA 21 on Xbox tournament, next week could be a Halo 3 throwback tournament, next week could be Fortnite, etc etc.

We are excited to start offering these regular events so that people know that every week at the same time, an event will take place regardless of turnout. Cash prizes will be awarded at all of these events. Amount of cash depends on turnout, but the minimum prize will be $10. Founding Members of course have access to all of these for free, One Game Members can play any event in their specified game for free, and then anyone else can enter any event for $5. You can view more details on these events by going to our website and clicking on the events tab, and then if you want to become a member or buy an entry to one event you can go to the shop tab.

Also coming up next week on Tuesday February 9th is the deadline to sign up for Des Moines Gaming Club’s first ever league. The league will be in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. Teams are made up of four players and it will follow the CDL ruleset. We have already had a team officially sign up and then we’ve also had 4 individuals sign up that could be paired together to form a team. We had over 20 people say they would be interested in a Call of Duty league, so now, with 8 people already officially signed up and we just need 12 more to submit the official sign up form. Then, next week, those that have signed up for the league can become members. To read more details on this league, go to our website on the leagues tab, and click on call of duty. We hope to have a kickoff tournament on Sunday the 14th for this league.

That’s all from us today, as always, please feel free to reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, or email us at info@dsmgamingclub.com with any questions you may have. Happy Gaming!