Tuesday Telecast April 13th, 2021

Good Morning everyone and thanks for watching another Tuesday Telecast. Des Moines Gaming Club’s weekly update. We are so thankful for all the media coverage we have received recently. The Des Moines Register article was of course awesome and they even ran that as their front page, headlining story on their paper print for last Wednesday I believe. Thanks again to everyone involved who helped make that happen.

As many of you probably saw, WHO Channel 13 News came out and did a piece on Des Moines Gaming Club as well. Massive shout out to Stephanie Johnson who reached out to me looking to do a story on what we had going on out here. It took only 5 and a half hours from the moment she emailed me to when they were airing the piece on the 4 o’clock news. If you want to watch you can go to our Facebook or Twitter where we shared the video, but you can also find it on WHO’s website by simply searching des moines gaming club. As a new business we can’t stress enough how nice and big of a deal it is that Des Moines’s local media outlets are reaching out to us looking to help spread our story. Local media coverage is really an amazing thing and we should all understand how important local journalism is.

Thanks to all the coverage, we have been reached out to by a host of different people and businesses including an organization that I am extremely excited to be talking to tomorrow actually. Hope to share more on that in the future, but suffice it to say, things are looking up here at Des Moines Gaming Club and we can’t wait to open hopefully sometime in June. We hope to set a hard grand opening date by the end of April, which means that time is almost here. We will likely still require masks into our space at the beginning but we want to offer a discount or some sort of incentive to people who bring in their vaccination cards. It was recently said by a doctor with the CDC that vaccinated people cannot spread the virus which is of course, a big deal and some great news.

We can’t wait to open up the space and have people play casually by the hour, play in tournaments and leagues, host watch parties, rent out the space for private parties, and to just hang out with other gamers. It’s gonna be fun. As for this week, we continue with our regular online schedule of Smash Bros at 7pm on thursday. Rocket League at 7pm on Friday and Warzone at 1pm on Saturday. Remember the winner takes home at least $10. We’ve given out over $200 of cash prizes by now so trust us, there is money to make here at DMGC!

That’l do it for today, again we always welcome any questions or comments or suggestions so please, please, please feel free to reach out by emailing info@dsmgamingclub.com , messaging on facebook, or by dm’ing us on twitter. We’ll get back to you! Thanks for watching and have a great day!