Tuesday Telecast April 6th, 2021

Good Morning and welcome to another Tuesday Telecast, Des Moines Gaming Club’s weekly update. It has been 3 months since we did the first Tuesday Telecast back on January 5th and we haven’t missed a Tuesday since, which I gotta say, is a little surprising. But like I said that day, we will strive to put one out every week because as we all know, consistency is key. It’s crazy how fast time flies, especially when you are opening a gaming center. Our online events have gone well and we are so glad we’ve been able to host some competition, and gain more of a following while we’ve waited for the center to open. I am very happy to announce I have my first Covid-19 vaccine dose scheduled for tomorrow. I feel very fortunate to have gotten an appointment and I can’t wait to do my part in slowing this pandemic down to a halt. A June Grand Opening is still looking good, especially if folks keep getting vaccinated at the rates they currently are and data suggests that rate is increasing which is just fantastic! 

You may have seen yesterday that the Des Moines Register published it’s article about Des Moines Gaming Club and the rest of the businesses at the Runway Studios here in the Southridge Mall yesterday morning. It was a great article written by Kim Norvell who is the Growth and Development reporter at the Register. Brian Powers who is a photographer with the Register took some wonderful photos of the space as well. My personal favorite was definitely the photo of one of our PC’s lit up with the DMGC logo just absolutely pristine. They ended up choosing that for the cover photo which was awesome. If you weren’t able to read the article, it was basically just a nice summary of what all the business here at the Runway Studios are and what we’ve done to come together during the pandemic. But basically Laura Kinnard, who is a professor of Entrepreneurship, owns this space at the mall which used to be a large retail store along with a couple of other local area professors. She is using it as a small business incubator where she can tutor new business owners, like me, as we get our businesses off the ground. Now that there are quite a few businesses at the space, we all sort of help each other out as well. The Runway Studios will also be a co-working space where folks can come in and use office space and there are even plans of having a little cafe as well. Again, thanks to Kim, Brian, and the Des Moines Register for coming out!

As for updates with the goings-on here at DMGC, we are on our typical schedule for online locals. Smash Bros. at 7pm Thursday night. Rocket League at 7pm Friday night, and Warzone at 1pm Saturday. We are working on a new event we can hold on a Sunday hopefully here in a couple of weeks or so. Also expect a big announcement sometime here in mid-April. Pretty excited to share it with you all but just gotta wait a little longer.

On to some esports news now. First we’ll touch on the Call of Duty CDL where a lot happened this past week. First off, top teams Dallas Empire and OpTic Chicago faced off against each other in an epic match. Seriously if you are a CoD fan and didn’t watch it, go and find it on YouTube because it was fantastic. OpTic came out on top in the end but it went to a game 5! On the other end of the spectrum you’ve got LA Thieves who have really struggled recently, they had already dropped veteran Temp from their lineup but after another loss this past weekend they dropped another Veteran, this time Slasher, to the bench with Drazah and Venom taking the two places alongside Kenny, and TJ. Finally, big Warzone streamer Teep joined Envy as a content creator. He of course is one of the best CoD players of all time, then was a coach, and now one of the biggest Cod streamers out there so this a big pick up for Envy.

In CSGO some big news recently is that Cloud 9 parted ways with their general manager HenryG. This is after some recent poor performances and only middle of the pack finishes under his leadership. When HenryG came on Cloud 9 gave him full control of their CSGO team and their plans were ambitious to say the least. Unfortunately it has not worked out.

Finally, everyone likes a good tier list and Callum Patterson with Dexerto.com has put an Apex Legends tier list for which legends to use in the current season 8. In this list the three S tier legends are Bloodhound, Horizon, and Gibraltar.

That’l do it for today, thanks for watching and go enjoy some nice weather when you can!