Tuesday Telecast March 30th, 2021

Hello! Pleased to have you back for another weekly update from Des Moines Gaming Club. I’ve got my setup all good to go here in my wife and I’s new house. Still need to tidy up a bit but we are pleased with the progress we’ve made. I’m trying to decide if I put the signed OpTic jersey behind me there on the wall or if I put up in front of me on the wall behind my monitors. Either way I’m sure it will look cool.

Anyways, we have to say a big thank you to the Des Moines Register who came out to the club as well as the rest of the businesses at the Runway Studios last week. Growth and development report Kim and photographer Brian came out and really discussed with us what we all had going on. I’m sure Brian took some great photos and we can’t wait to see and read the article when it is published. For some odd reason they even took an interest in our Tuesday Telecast so they took some photos while I was recording it last week so watch out for that as well!

It’s an exciting time for the Southridge Mall area as only a few weeks ago, Genesis Health Clubs announced a 13.5 million dollar fitness center they are planning on putting into the old Sears store which is basically right next to us in the Mall. It will have 5 basketball courts as well as a swimming pool and we really believe the traffic to the area is going to heavily increase as a result. They plan to begin construction this summer and said it will only take about a year to complete!

Quick recap of our online events we hosted this past week. Meaty won ANOTHER smash event, this time using Captain Falcon. He had a birthday on Sunday so happy birthday to him! In Rocket League, Heusy and Jake won the duos match pretty handily. Those two sure made a lethal combo! In Wazone, DaysShadow, Nitro, and Kingpin hopped on and won 3 matches in a row to take home the gold! Finally, we had our first Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War 4v4 CDL style match on Sunday. PvPletics, Eddy, Shwabby, and DozaGaming smashed their opposition. The more teams we get the more fun they will be so we are excited to keep growing and then of course to eventually be hosting LAN events. 

Again, we are hoping for a June grand opening, assuming vaccine distribution continues at its current pace. That’s when Des Moines Gaming Club will be available for casual play by the hour, will host leagues and tournaments, will be available for rental for birthday parties or corporate events, and of course will be THE location to hangout if you are a gamer in the area. When that time comes, be sure to check out our Founding Membership, there is A LOT of value there.

Finally, let’s end with some esports and video game news from around the industry. The Call of Duty League continues this weekend with the Los Angeles Guerillas home series. The whole league is still being played online, but the format is a few weeks of matches on the weekends and then a tournament based on those matches and where teams are seeded. I personally am a big fan of the format because the matches are pretty regular and important for seeing in the tournaments and then the tournaments happen about once a month which are of course a lot of fun. You can watch the CDL on their YouTube channel where they live stream.

The CS:GO ESL Pro League just finished it’s group stage and brought the number of teams down from 24 to 12. Top finishers in each of the four groups were Heroic in Group A, NiP in Group B, Gambit won group C, and perennial powerhouse Astralis won Group D. In the NA League of Legends LCS TSM continued their lower bracket run beating Evil Geniuses 3-1. 100T easily dispatched Dignitas in a 3-0 sweep, and the much anticipated matchup of Cloud 9 and Team Liquid is set for April 4th.

And that’l do it for us here today, thanks for watching and see ya next time!