Tuesday Telecast March 23rd, 2021

Good Morning and welcome to another Tuesday Telecast! Today we are here at the club and as you can see we have finally hung our amazing painted, wooden logo that was given to us from some close friends of ours and it looks absolutely amazing. To film this we have the overhead lights on, but we plan on having those off most of the time once the club is open. We will have LED light stips, the lights from the screens, and these LED lamps to give the club more of a gaming feel. The logo will look even better with a lamp shining on it in the dark.

This week we have our regular online events Thursday through Saturday which means Smash Bros. Ultimate at 7pm on Thursday, Rocket League at 7pm on Friday, and Warzone at 1pm on Saturday. We also have a special event on Sunday this week! At 1pm on Sunday, March 28th we are hosting a Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War CDL ruleset tournament. It will be 4v4 and will use the league play modes. We are also taking into account some of the GA’s or Gentlemen’s Agreement bans that the current pro scene uses. As you know, we’ve had a lot of interest in Call of Duty and we hope to be starting an online league once we have enough people committed to playing in it. Hopefully this tournament will be a nice precursor to the league and it will build some excitement and be that last push for folks to sign up for the league. There will be a link in the description of this video that takes you to our events page on our website where you can sign up for the CoD tournament or any of the other locals.

Just a reminder, Des Moines Gaming Club is currently only hosting online events due to the pandemic. Thankfully, there has been a lot of good news on the Covid-19 front recently. Vaccines really seem to be getting into people’s arms at a pretty good clip now and soon it looks like everyone will be eligible to receive the vaccine here in Iowa. It’s a rough estimate but we are hoping that we can open our doors in June. We simply cannot wait to bring people in, show off our space, start hosting events, and create that in-person community where gamers can share their love for video games and esports.

We want to give another quick shout out to everyone who has followed us and taken an interest in what we are doing. Obviously, lots of people enjoy video games, but for all of you watching this video and everyone else who has followed us on social media, taken part in one of our online events, and has helped spread the word about what we are doing, thank you. None of this would be possible without an interest from the community and you all are the base from which we can build an awesome place. We’ve got some cool things in the works here at DMGC and we can’t wait to move forward and share them with you.

Finally, we’ll end the Telecast with some news from around the video games and esports world. Every gamer here in the US has at least heard about League of Legends even if they haven’t necessarily played, but Lol as it’s affectionately called is likely the biggest overall sport in Korea. It had over a million viewers for just the domestic championship game alone. This league of course has some big names sponsors, one of the being McDonald’s who has just introduced a collaboration with the LCK where you can pick up collectible type role cards that feature some of the best Lol players in Korea, the most notable of which is Faker who many have called the Michael Jordan of esports.No surprise that McDonalds is capitalizing on the trading card hype with this incentive at their restaurants.

A game that’s a little more close to home, Call of Duty, has seen a few notable shakeups on the rosters of teams in the Call of Duty League. A couple of teams recently dropped some of their veterans in favor of younger, less notable, challenger scene players begging the question, are we starting to see a change of the guard in the CoD scene? 

Finally, we all know content creators can make it BIG especially if you are in the S tier of personalities. One of the biggest content creators right now is Valkyrae who is a streamer for 100Thieves. You may have scene that recently she starred in a music video with artist Machine Gun Kelley. We’ve seen members of the video game scene do collabs with famous actors or traditional sports personalities like Ninja playing Fortnite with Drake, but it is clear that is becoming more and more common.

That’l do it for this week’s update from Des Moines Gaming Club. Thanks for watching and happy gaming!