Tuesday Telecast April 27th, 2021

Good Morning and thanks for watching another Tuesday Telecast, Des Moines Gaming Club’s weekly update. As of yesterday, it’s really starting to feel like Summer may just be around the corner. We are finalizing dates now and should hopefully be settled on a Grand Opening this week! Mid-June is still looking good and wow, I guess that’s only a month and a half away really! Till then we are really going to be focusing on our space and making sure it is ready for gamers to come in and use. One thing we will be doing over the next month or so is getting our server up and running as well as the software that will allow us to manage the games, customers accounts, and keep track of analytical data. 

In the meantime, we will continue our online locals and will really just be trying to spread the word about who we are and what we’ve got going on down at the Southridge Mall. Between us and RezBlue Arena, we really do feel like we will have a hub for gaming entertainment. We can’t wait to host some events where Des Moines Gaming Club is hosting a tournament and RezBlue is hosting a tournament. Get done playing your Smash Bros match, you can head on over and compete in the laser tag tournament at RezBlue. Between all the games both of our businesses will have, the fun to be had will be quite a lot!

Quick update on our online Warzone locals that occur on Saturday’s. Moving forward, they will start at 3pm rather than 1pm. We’ve had some feedback that pushing back a little might be better for folks schedules on a Saturday. Smash Bros and Rocket League will still continue at 7pm Thursday and Friday night respectively.

Now, for a little bit of esports industry news. Call of Duty Warzone recently had a large update where the map underwent significant changes. An in-game event happened where a nuke was headed for Verdansk and just as it was about to explode to destroy all the zombies that had invested the area, a rewind sort of time lapse occurred and the map was sent back in time to the 1980’s. There are quite a few different named places of interest on the map and they have finally added some color to the map which really make the changes pop off the screen. New ground loot and some weapon balancing have left Warzone the best it has in quite awhile in my opinion.

Now, here at DMGC we like to have fun with the fact that FaZe Clan has just an absurd amount of members. They are known for having a huge group of co-owners and many more members, but gamers also know that tons of people will put FaZe in their name to make it appear as though they are in FaZe Clan but even though we jest about this, there is no denying that FaZe Clan is one of the preeminent gaming organizations in the world and they constantly innovating in the space. Recently they announced bigtime Warzone streamer NickMercs became a co-owner which I think we all saw coming after his departure from 100Thieves where he was not given co-ownership. But also, FaZe just yesterday announced Kyler Murray as the newest member of FaZe Clan. He of course won the Heisman trophy at Oklahoma and is now the quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals in the NFL. This was the next step of the merging of the traditional and esport professions that we have seen recently which has really put gaming into the mainstream.

Finally, Apex Legends announced yesterday that they are developing a new game mode. This Game Mode will be called Arenas and it looks basically a merging of Apex and CSGO. It takes your legends out of the battle royale and into a round based strategy game where there is no respawning if you get full killed. There is a buy system just like in CSGO and even new maps made specifically for this mode. As an Apex player myself I am extremely excited for this. It looks like a lot of fun and who knows, maybe this Apex’s attempt at entering into the esports realm. As far as I am aware, this is the first Battle Royale game to make a strategic multiplayer mode which is quite the innovation when you think about it. Will be fun to see where the mode takes Apex Legends.

That’l do it for this Tuesday Telecast, thanks for watching and see you next week!