Tuesday Telecast May 4th, 2021

Hello and welcome to this week’s Tuesday Telecast. We continue our regularly scheduled online locals with Smash Bros at 7pm Thursday night, Rocket League at 7pm Friday night, and Warzone at 3pm on Saturday. Des Moines Gaming Club is currently in the process of solidifying some key partnerships that are really going to help the Club move forward and provide and even better product to the gamers of Des Moines and we can’t wait to share with you once this news is finalized.

June 17th through June 20th is the weekend we are tentatively planning our Grand Opening event. Just depends on if we will be able to get the last bit of networking and software setup in time for that. Currently in talks with our Internet Service Provider as well as gaming center experts ggCircuit to make sure we have a smooth operating network. Just holding off on officially announcing that for now so that in the next week or two we can hopefully have a good idea that we will be fully operational by then.

Now for a bit of esports industry news. Valorant’s first International LAN event which is being called the Valorant Champion’s Tour or VCT Masters will be held in Reykjavik, Iceland beginning May 24th. Teams from all over the world will be competing here and it was not easy for teams to qualify. Only two teams from each region are allowed and the two teams who qualified from North America are Sentinels and Version1. Version1 being located just up the road from us in the Minneapolis area completed a miracle run through loser’s bracket to finish 2nd and eventually booked their tickets to Iceland.

In the Call of Duty world, awhile back teams started change up their rosters if they hadn’t been seeing success after the 2nd Major tournament. However, the most shocking move that occurred recently was when reigning champs from last year Dallas Empire dropped perhaps their best player in Huke and picked Felo instead. For me, Huke is probably a top 5 player in this current Call of Duty so I’m still pretty stunned at this decision. We will have to see how it plays out for Dallas moving forward. Currently Stage 3 is moving along with Dallas’s home series coming up this weekend. Toronto Ultra are continuing their surprise run as they are 4-0 and lead Group A while the Los Angeles Thieves have started to find their stride as they lead Group B at 3-1.

CSGO staple Team Liquid made headlines just the other day when they dropped ex-pro and long time Counter-Strike personality Moses as their head coach. Under his leadership, Team Liquid went 36-22 but failed to ever win an event. Fans seemed surprised and a little sad at the news with many pointing to the fact that they liked him as a coach and that they seemed to be improving their play. However, for a team like Team Liquid clearly nothing but the best will suffice.

That wraps up our news portion and wraps up today’s telecast. Thank you so much for watching and see ya next week! Happy Gaming!