Tuesday Telecast April 5th, 2022

Good Morning everyone, Dan here with Des Moines Gaming Club bringing you this week’s Tuesday Telecast. Keeping it relatively short today as my wife and I are moving today. Tried to get a it all done yesterday but we’ve still got a bit left to do so the Club will be closed today so that we can finish that up. We’ll be back open for casual play tomorrow at our regular time of 1pm. So, that means this week’s casual play hours are Wednesday & Thursday 1pm-1pm, Friday 1pm to 11pm, and then Sunday 11am-5pm. I skipped Saturday because we are completely closed due to a private event that has booked the Club basically for the entire day. It’s a birthday party of which we are very much looking forward to hosting.

The weekly tournament schedule is unchanged though so that means we have FGC at 7pm Wednesday night  with tournaments in Guilty Gear Strive and King of Fighters 15! Thursday is Smash Bros. with doubles at 6:30 and singles at 7pm. Friday night at 7pm is FIFA 22 and then we have Rocket League at 1pm on Sunday. 

That’l do it for updates from the club so just to reiterate the two big items is that we’re closed today so that my wife and I can finish moving to our new place, and then we’re closed Saturday due to a private birthday party. I’d be remiss if I didn’t touch on the big Call of Duty League Major tournament that was hosted by the Minnesota Rokkr this past weekend up at the Mystic Lake Casino just outside of Minneapolis. Looked like an absolutely great event, fan attendance was high, the venue was dope, and the game play was amazing. In probably the biggest shock of maybe the CDL’s entire history, the Los Angeles Guerillas won the whole tournament after losing their first match and making the loser’s bracket run all the way to defeating Atlanta FaZe in the Grand Finals. This is even crazier because they were playing with a substitute the entire tournament! Props to them and props to the Rokkr org for throwing another great event!

Thanks so much for watching everyone, appreciate all your support as always. We’ll see ya soon!