Tuesday Telecast March 29th, 2022

Good Afternoon Folks and welcome back to another Tuesday Telecast from Des Moines Gaming Club. This past Saturday we held our monthly FGC tournament Clash in the Capital! Every other month we host this tournament, usually on the last saturday of the month and it features tournaments in Guilty Gear Strive, Tekken 7, Street Fighter V, and Melty Blood: Type Lumina. It’s always a lot of fun and we really enjoy hosting the fighting game community at the Club. Big thank you to everyone who came out and we can’t wait to host the next Clash in the Capital which is very likely to be held on Saturday May 21st! 

While we’re still talking about the FGC, I can also let you know that the next B-Side FGC Monthly is scheduled for Sunday May 1st so that’s only about a month away! Quick note, Melty Blood is likely to be taken out of the Clash in the Capital rotation and replaced with King of Fighters 15 which has a lot of popularity right now. We will talk with the FGC about what the 4th game for the B-Side will be. The smash gg and website pages for the B-Side tournament will be done this week and we’ll be sure to make an official announcement on our social media pages.

Next, in a little over a month, on Saturday May 7th, we’ll be hosting our next Smash Bros. Monthly Downtown Duels. The Smashgg page for that and Clash in the Capital will also be made soon and announced via social media. 

This week at the club is our normal schedule. Casual play available as usual Tuesday-Thursday 1pm-10pm, Friday & Saturday 1pm-11pm, and Sunday 11am-5pm. Our weekly tournament schedule is normal as well with FGC being Wednesday at 7pm with tournaments in Guilty Gear Strive and Soul Caliber VI. Thursday night is our Smash Bros. weekly with squad strike starting at 6:30 and singles to follow at 7pm. Friday night at 7pm is FIFA 22 and Sunday at 1pm is our weekly Rocket League tournament.

Next we’ll move on to some esports industry news. The 2nd Call of Duty League Major is being hosted this weekend by the Minnesota Rokkr. It’s being held at the Mystic Lake Casino & Resort which is less than a 3 hour drive from here, though if you want to attend you better head to rokkrtickets.gg to buy your tickets because last time I checked general admission is sold out with only VIP tickets remaining. It’s sure to be a great event and we’ll be showing it live from our lounge if anyone wants to come to the Club to watch. OpTic Texas has the #1 seed heading into the major and the hometown team Rokkr unfortunately are starting in loser’s bracket so hopefully they can make a run at their home event. Will be interesting to see who comes out on top!

The Apex Legends Global Series Split 2 regular season has come to a close with a LAN final to be held in Stockhom soon. In North America Tean Esports Arena came out on top with 121 points and $30,000 in prize money. 100Thieves came in 2nd with 115 points and $15,000 in prize money, and NRG came in 3rd with 110 points and $12,500 in cash prize. Other notable teams G2 finished in 4th, Cloud 9 finished in 6th, TSM finsiehd in 7th, and Sentinels finished in 11th.

That’l do it for today’s update, thanks for watching and we’ll see you next week.