Tuesday Telecast March 22nd, 2022

Good afternoon and welcome to another weekly update from Des Moines Gaming Club. Just two days ago on Sunday we hosted our first ever B-Side FGC tournament! It was a blast and we had a lot of fun with the tournaments in DragonBall FighterZ, Vampire Savior, Soul Calibur VI, and King of Fighters XV. KOF had an especially big turnout which was cool to see. Of course we handed out an additional $40 in pot bonus to the top finishers so there was certainly some good money to be made. Top Hat came away as the victor in both VSAV and DragonBall FighterZ while NGamer won the KOF tournament. PhillyB ran some side tournaments too which garnered a lot of attention as well. I believe the game was GranBlue Fantasy but the FGC will have to correct me if I’m wrong there. It was a lot of fun running this event for the games that don’t make the cut for our regular FGC monthly Clash in the Capital. Huge thank you to the FGC and everyone who came out!

With the B-Side tournament done we now turn to focus on the regular FGC monthly Clash in the Capital which is to be held this Saturday the 26th! The event starts at 12:30 with 1v1 double elimination tournaments in Street Fighter V and Tekken 7. Then, at 2pm we have tournaments in Guilty Gear Strive and Melty Blood: Type Lumina. PhillyB will be running side tournaments as well so be sure to check in with him and the Iowa FGC to see what games those side tournaments will be. Clash in the Capital is $8 per tournament for the pot fee and then it is just $7 one time for the venue fee. Des Moines Gaming Club will be adding $15 of pot bonus to each tournament as well so be sure to sign up soon on our Smashgg page, or just simply plan coming Saturday and you can sign up in person. Can’t wait to see everyone at Clash in the Capital!

As for the rest of the week ahead we have a normal schedule besides Saturday. We are open for casual play today-Thursday 1pm-10pm, Friday 1pm-11pm, Saturday closed for casual play due to Clash in the Capital, and then open again Sunday 11am-5pm. The weekly tournament schedule is regular with FGC Wednesday night at 7pm with tournaments in Guilty Gear Strive and Melty Blood as well as plenty of friendly matches. Thursday night is Smash Bros. with doubles at 6:30 and singles at 7pm. Friday night is FIFA 22 at 7pm and then Sunday at 1pm is Rocket League.

 Now briefly for some esports industry news. Many esports have their seasons in full swing right now with the Valorant Champions Tour, Apex Legends Global Series, and the CSGO ESL pro league. All of which can be found on Twitch and/or YouTube. As always we’ll have these esports on our TVs here in the lounge at Des Moines Gaming Club so if you want to watch esports, the Club is the perfect place to do it!

That’l do it for today’s telecast, thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you soon!