Tuesday Telecast August 16th, 2022

Good Afternoon folks and welcome back to another weekly update from Des Moines Gaming Club. Starting off today’s video recapping a very successful Clash in the Capital 5 we hosted on Saturday. We had a great turnout and I want to thank everyone who came out because it was a great event. There were over 30 people who showed up for the 5 tournaments plus an awesome side tournament that we ran. The 5 games were of course which were DNF Duel, Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, Guilty Gear Strive, and King of Fighters XV. A big shout out to Azu who ran the Samurai Showdown side tournament. Guilty Gear Strive had the most entrants at a solid 16 but it was nice to see a solid amount of entrants for each game. Our next FGC monthly will be the B-Side tournament on Sunday, September 25th and will feature tournaments in Vampire Savior, Dragonball Fighterz, Granblue Fantasy Versus, and Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike so be sure to keep an eye out for that official announcement as I’ll be making the registration page for that on Start.gg sometime in the next week or so.

Moving on to the week we have ahead here at the club we will be open for casual play Today-Thursday from 1pm-10pm, Friday 1pm-11pm, and Sunday 11am-5pm. Our weekly tournament schedule is the same as always with our FGC local wednesday from 6-10 with official tournaments in guilty gear strive and king of fighters XV at 7pm. Casual players always welcome. Thursday night is our Smash Bros. local with squad strike starting at 6:30 followed by singles in Ultimate and Melee starting around 7. Friday night is FIFA 22 at 7pm and Sunday is our Rocket League weekly at 1pm. We are closed for casual play on Saturday this week because of our frist ever Rocket League Monthly. It is a 3v3 competitive double elimination tournament and we are adding $50 in cash bonus to the pot. It will be played here at the Club on PC with Epic Games login. We’ve got a limit of 10 teams for this tournament because of our limited space so be sure to sign up soon. To do so, go to start.gg and search DMGC 3v3 competitive rocket league tournament or go to our social media channels and look for pinned posts. We are excited about this and want to see as many rocket league players and fans there as possible.

Speaking of Rocket League, the RLCS World Championship took place this past week with the finals being played on Sunday and what a tournament it was. It took place in person in Fort Worth, TX with a prize pool of over $2million. It was the European Giant of Team BDS who won the 1st place prize of $600,000 and it was no big surprise as they were one of the favorites if not the favorite to win it coming into the tournament. North American team G2 got 2nd with Furia and Faze Clan getting 3rd, and 4th respectively. Viewership numbers were very good for this tournament and the production level and hype surrounding it all was really awesome to see. 

That will do it for today’s Tuesday Telecast, thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you next week.