Tuesday Telecast August 9th, 2022

Good Afternoon gamers, and welcome back to another Tuesday Telecast from Des Moines Gaming Club. Starting off today’s video with the reminder that our FGC tournament Clash in the Capital 5 is this Saturday August 13th! That means we’ll be closed for casual play on Saturday so that we can focus on running that event. This time we have 5 double elimination tournaments in 5 different games. DNF Duel and Street Fighter V will start at 12:30 followed by Tekken 7, Guilty Gear Strive, and King of Fighters XV at 2pm! Venue fee is $7 and the pot fee per tournament is $8. Des Moines Gaming Club will add $10 of pot bonus per tournament as well. As always we can’t wait to host the FGC look forward to seeing all of you fighting game fans out here on August 13th. You can sign up be searching clash in the capital on start.gg or you can sign up in person if you show up before the tournament starts.

Other than Clash in the Capital on Saturday we have a regular week ahead here at the Club. That means that our casual play hours are Tuesday-Thursday 1pm-10pm, Friday 1pm-11pm, and Suanday 11am-5pm. Our weekly tournament schedule is unchanged as well with our FGC weekly wednesday night from 6-10pm with official tournaments in Guilty Gear Strive and DNF Duel that will start at 7pm. If you just want to hangout and play casuals that is of course always welcome to for the venue fee of just $5 for the whole night.

Thursday night is our Smash Bros. weekly with doubles starting at 6:30pm followed by singles in ultimate and melee starting at 7pm. Then we have our FIFA 22 tournament Friday night at 7pm and our Rocket League weekly at 1pm on Sunday. That’l do it for updates from the Club this week so we’ll end today’s telecast with a recap of the Call of Duty Championship which took place this past weekend.

CoD Champs was held this past thursday-Sunday in Los Angeles and it featured the top 8 teams out of the 12 teams in the CDL. Going in there were teams that were favorites but it might have been the most up grabs Championship that there has been in recent memory as Atlanta FaZe has been very good all year but not quite as dominant as they’ve been the past two years. So, after many great matches it was the hometown team the LA Thieves who showed up and best the Atlanta FaZe in the Grand Finals best of 9 match by a score of 5-2. They came into this tournament as the hottest team and they certainly continued that form by basically running by everyone. This means FaZe finished 2nd for the 4th time this year which shows that they a very good team and the most consistent this year but something always lacked in the Grand Finals. Upstarts Seattle Surge finished 3rd at champs with a team that features two rookies, one of them being rookie of the year in Pred. Finally, it was OpTic Texas who finished 4th at champs. And even though OpTic is a fan favorite team, I don’t think they could have really hoped for a better finish based on what they’ve been able to do throughout the year, especially recently. Viewership numbers were pretty good for CoD Champs but it did not get the views that say CSGO, Valorant, or League of Legends gets so it will be interesting to see how the new game Modern Warfare effects that when it comes out this Fall. 

That’l do it for this week’s update from Des Moines Gaming Club, thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you next time.