Tuesday Telecast February 15th, 2022

Hello and welcome back to another Tuesday Telecast from Des Moines Gaming Club. We’ve got a normal schedule this week here at the club so that means we are open for casual play Tuesday-Thursday 1pm-10pm, Friday and Saturday 1pm-11pm, and Sunday 11am-5pm. Our weekly tournament schedule will be normal as well with our Fighting game night Wednesday at 7pm with tournaments in Guilty Gear Strive and the New King of Fighters game! PhillyB with the FGC has been kind enough to add $20 to the pot for King of Fighters not to mention providing the game to be played so come on out and be sure to try out this new title with the FGC.

Thursday night is Smash Bros.  night with Squad strike starting at 6:30 and singles starting at 7pm. Reminder that we do squad strike one week and then doubles the next and we just rotate back and forth between those. The pot entry for these is just $3. Moving on we have FIFA 22 Friday night at 7pm, and Rocket League at 1pm on Sunday. Saturday we always leave open for casual play unless we’re hosting a monthly tournament or special event. Another reminder I want to mention is that for any of our local tournaments like the fighting game or smash bros. Tournaments, folks are always welcome to just pay the $5 venue fee and play casuals or spectate. That fee gets you in the for the whole night and you don’t have to participate in the tournament. Maybe you want to practice before competing in a tournament or perhaps you just want to play casuals, or maybe just scout the competition so always feel free to do that.

We’ll go ahead and move on to some esports industry news. Competitive Valorant has returned in full force with stage 1 challengers kicking off across the globe. Qualifying matches have started to see who will be able to compete at the first Masters event. North American big hitters Sentinels came back from a map down to beat NRG this past weekend. World Champions Acend started out hot sweeping SuperMassive. The Envy Valorant team transitioned itself to OpTic after both organizations merged but they lost their first match, and the biggest blow out of the opening matches saw Version1 destroy Knights.

Rainbow Six Siege is in my opinion an underrated esport as I personally find it very exciting to watch, especially compared to some other first person shooters. The Six Invitational is going on right now and it is the premier event in the world of Rainbow Six esports. It’s the perfect time to watch some this game at it’s highest level if you haven’t before. 20 of the best teams from around the world are competing on LAN in Stockholm, Sweden and you can watch all of the action live on Twitch or watch the VODs on YouTube.

Finally, HCS Anaheim which is the biggest tournament yet in the Halo Championship series took place this past weekend and even though fans weren’t allowed in the venue due to Covid, the gameplay was electryifying to watch. We’ll cut straight to the winner because it’s no surprise that Cloud 9 came out on top once again. They won HCS Raleigh and have been the best team since. OpTic Gaming showed some improvement and finished 2nd losing to Cloud 9 in the Grand Finals and finally Sentinels which are comprised Snakebite, Lethul, Royal 2, and Frosty finished 3rd which is actually that teams worst finish ever at an event but it’s also the first LAN event that they’ve played together since Royal 2 had to miss up until now for getting caught geofiltering.

That’l do it for today’s telecast, thanks for watching and we’ll see you at the Club soon.