Tuesday Telecast February 22nd, 2022

Hello Everyone! Dan here with Des Moines Gaming Club bringing you this week’s Tuesday Telecast. I have officially tested negative as of yesterday morning and I feel great as well. The Club will be back to normal operating hours for casual play and normal weekly tournament schedule as well. I want to thank everyone who reached out and wished me well while I had covid. It means a lot and I feel fortunate to have only had a very mild case. I’ve felt this for awhile running DMGC, but it is now especially clear how supportive the gaming community is here in Des Moines and central Iowa.

Before I reiterate what our normal schedule is this week I want to mention a couple of big upcoming events. Downtown Duels, our monthly Smash Bros. tournament is happening this Saturday, February 26th. Doubles in Ultimate and Melee start at Noon sharp and then Singles in Ultimate and Melee start at 1:30pm. Remember that we are putting up $100 of bonus cash into the pot. Venue fee for the day is $7, $5 if you bring a setup. The pot entry for the doubles tournaments is $5 per tournament and the pot entry for the singles tournaments is $8 per tournament. With 54 competitors in our last Downtown Duels we had some serious cash to hand out so be sure to sign up on our Smash gg page now or sometime this week. The Club will be open at 11am on Saturday and so folks can sign up in person till the tournaments start. 

Something new coming next month is a B-side FGC tournament! It will take place Sunday March, 20th! It will be a great pre-cursor to our regular FGC monthly Clash in the Capital on Saturday March 26th. The B-side tournament on the 20th will feature 1v1 double elimination tournaments in Vampire Savior and DragonBall Fighter Z at 12:30 then King of Fighters 15 and Soul Caliber 6 at 2pm. There will also be side tournaments of other games with smaller pot entries so if you like fighting games whatsoever (looking at you smash community) come on out and take part in this B-side tournament on Sunday March 20th that’s sure to be a blast.

Then on Saturday March 26th will be our main FGC tournament Clash in the Capital which will feature Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, Guilty Gear Strive, and Melty Blood: Type Lumina. May even be some small pot entry side tournaments here as well. And as always with tournaments. Folks are welcome to just pay the venue fee and not enter tournaments so that you can spectate, hangout with friends, and get in as many casual sets as you’d like assuming that priority is of course given to tournament matches.

Want to through a shout out to PhillyB who has helped us a lot in regards to the FGC events and is advising us on the B-side tournament as well so thank you PhillyB!

Now that I’m back and covid negative our schedule here at Des Moines Gaming Club returns to normal so that means our casual play hours are Tuesday-Thursday 1pm-10pm, Friday 1pm-11pm, Saturday casual play is closed due to Downtown Duels taking place, and then Sunday 11am-5pm. Our weekly tournaments are normal as well with FGC being Wednesday at 7pm with tournaments in Guilty Gear Strive and King of Fighers 15. Smash Bros. is Thursday night with doubles at 6:30 and singles at 7pm. FIFA 22 is Friday night at 7pm, our big monthly Smash Bros. tournament Downtown Duels is Saturday and Rocket League is 1pm on Sunday. 

This is getting pretty far out there but just a heads up that the Club will be closed the whole day on Saturday April 9th for a private event. Remember that you too can book the Club for whatever event whether it be a birthday party, corporate event, etc. Folks can bring in whatever food and drink they like and have free access to any of the games, PCs, and consoles that we have. For bigger parties especially it is quite affordable. 

As always feel free to shoot us any question you may have about the Club at info@dsmgamingclub.com, or by phone at 515-850-2197, or through direct message on Discord, Facebook, or Twitter.

That’s gonna do it for today’s telecast. Thanks so much for watching everyone, have a good day, and we’ll see you soon!