Tuesday Telecast January 4th, 2022

Good Afternoon folks and welcome back to another Tuesday Telecast from Des Moines Gaming Club. A year ago tomorrow, I released the first Tuesday Telecast on our YouTube Channel. That’s pretty crazy to think about because that year has flown by. Of course, at the time of that first Tuesday Telecast we thought we’d be opening the Club a lot sooner than June 17th but Covid kept sticking around and hell it’s still around to this day. Thankfully it wasn’t long after that first video that vaccines started to roll out. 

This past year has been an absolute pleasure getting to run Des Moines Gaming Club and meet so many awesome gamers. From the online tournaments we held early 2021, to talking with the regular casual players who come in each week, and to the giant monthly tournaments we’ve been fortunate to hold here at the Club. It has truly been an honor and a blast and I can’t wait to continue doing our best to provide competitive and casual scene for the gamers of Des Moines. We’re really only just getting started.

Now for news about the goings-on here at the Club this week. We are back to our complete normal, casual schedule now that the holidays are behind us. Casual play is available here at DMGC Tuesday-Thursday 1pm-10pm, Friday & Saturday 1pm-11pm, and Sunday 11am-5pm. 

Our weekly tournament schedule has changed a bit as we mentioned last week. The FGC weekly tournament has moved to Wednesdays and tomorrow is our first one. They’l start at 7 and we’ll always have Guilty Gear Strive as one of two tournaments that we’ll do. The other game tomorrow is Street Fighter V. Of course, casual matches are welcome before, after, and if possible, during bracket play.

Thursdays are of course our Smash Bros. local days with doubles starting at 6:30 and then 1v1 tournaments starting at 7pm in both Ultimate and Melee. FIFA 22 has moved to Friday’s at 7pm and then Rocket League is still at 1pm on Sunday’s. We have scheduled out all of this on our website so be sure to check that out either on our events page or by looking at the calendar on our home page. Also, the smashgg pages for the FGC and Smash Bros weeklies have been created for the entire month of January as well.

A quick reminder that our FGC monthly is back with Clash in the Capital 2 happening Saturday, January 22nd. We’ve got 1v1 double elimination tournaments in Melty Blood, Street Fighter, Tekken, and Guilty Gear with a $15 pot bonus being provided by DMGC in each game. Looking forward to that and we’ve heard that it will be a nice tune up for local players who will be attending Frosty Faustings the following weekend in Chicago.

Next, we’re excited to announce another online Halo Infinite tournament! It will happen Sunday, January 30th at Noon. We will have a cap of 6 teams and this time around we’re going to require that you sign up with a full squad 4. The smashgg sign up page will be in the description below and we’ll of course post that on our social medias soon as well but our first Halo tournament was a lot of fun and we received a lot of nice feedback so we can’t wait to do another one. The issue with Halo still being playable on our gaming center servers is still there and plus, as we’ve said, we want to do more online events anyways for those folks that don’t want to come out due to Covid or just like stay in the comfort of their own home, or even, for folks that are out of state.

I understand that was a decent amount of news about the Club so we’ll keep the sports industry news section brief. 

The Call of Duty competitive scene, both the CDL and Warzone, continues to have a poor public opinion with the current meme being that CoD is in shambles. Dr. Disrespect has announced plans for his own game developing firm. And finally, we all know misogyny is still a problem in our society and it is certainly prevalent in the gaming industry. Women only esports tournaments and events put a spotlight on female gamers who otherwise might not get the exposure that these events see. It is important that the gaming community uplifts women and does everything it can to support them. 

That’l do it for today’s special anniversary edition of the Tuesday Teleacast, thanks so much for watching and hope you have a good one.