Tuesday Telecast July 13th, 2021

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s Tuesday Telecast! We’ve got a full, normal schedule ahead of this week. We are open for casual play today through Saturday Noon-9pm and Sunday as well 11am to 4pm. Of course we also have our full gambit of tournaments going on this week as well with our FGC night tomorrow night at 7pm and that is of course Tekken 7, Street Fighter V, and Guilty Gear Strive. Thursday at 7pm we’re back with our Smash Bros tournaments in both Ultimate and Melee! Friday night at 7pm is our Rocket League tournament. Saturday at 6:30 is our Warzone tournament, and then Sunday at 1pm we host our FIFA 21, NBA2k, and Madden tournaments.

I want to be sure to mention that our club is available for rental as well. If you or a friend have an upcoming event that you need a space for or just want to have a party with your buddies, DMGC is the perfect place for you. You can rent out the entire club for just $250 for 2 hours and we go in increments of an hour and you could go all the up to booking the club for a whole day for just $600. Oh and members of Des Moines Gaming Club get a 15% discount on any booking. 

As many of you know, members of Des Moines Gaming Cub get a wide variety of benefits including that 15% discount on club rentals I just mentioned. Besides having a dignified status at the club as well as a special role in the DMGC discord server, Founding Members get discounted day passes for casual play at the club so for example during the week a day pass which is 10 hours of gameplay costs $15, but for members it only costs $10 for 10 hours and remember your time rolls over on your account here at the club so if you only use say 5 hours one day, when you come back you will still have those 5 hours remaining. Members also receive FREE entry into our weekly “local” tournaments which if you plan in some of these tournaments will quickly add up and if you were to finish in the top 3 and receive the cash prize you would be making even more money since you didn’t have to pay the entry fee! Of course Members also receive a free Founding Member t-shirt and a Founding Member pin that looks awesome if I do say so myself. Our partners over RezBlue Arena have also been kind enough to offer our members 30 free minutes of VR every week and if you haven’t tried out VR you definitely should. Finally, Members will also get access to Member exclusives events which we will be starting next month and of course free access to our Leagues which we also hope to be starting next month. Basically if you are a passionate gamer and could see yourself coming out to the club for weekly tournaments or coming out to play casually every so often, the membership is most certainly for you. You can view all the details for yourself on our website in the shop section, our website of course being dsmgamingclub.com or just google Des Moines Gaming Club.

Thanks for indulging my little spiel there, let’s move on to some esports industry news. The CDL had it’s first round of matches for stage 5 and there weren’t too many surprises. Atlanta Faze continues to roll over their opponents and they went undefeated this weekend yet again. OpTic Gaming came out strong despite their inconsistencies this year and had themselves an undefeated weekend as well. Will be fun to watch the CDL especially the announcement that their finals tournaments will be played on LAN rather than online, which is what they’ve had to do up until now.

In the CSGO world one of the biggest held every year is IEM Cologne held in Cologne, Germany or Koln as they in Deutschland. The best teams in the world battled it out group stages this past weekend which seeds them for the tournament this weekend starting July 16th. NaVi took group B beating Astralis which is of note. You can watch all the action on the ESL CSGO Twitch Channel.

For all you Apex Legends fans out there, the game somewhat recently released their new Arenas mode which is a competitive style round based match between two teams of three players. People were very excited about the addition of this mode and there were talks that it could spawn off a whole esport. However some players were surprised when they didn’t offer a ranked mode for Arenas, but the devs of Apex Legends have listened and a ranked mode of Arenas will be released with season 10 which is set to come out August 3rd!

Well that’l do it for today folks. Thanks so much for watching and for supporting Des Moines Gaming Club, I hope to see you at the club soon!