Tuesday Telecast July 20th, 2021

Hello everyone and welcome to yet another Tuesday Telecast, our weekly update on the happenings around the club and around the esports industry.

First of all we just want to say thank you to everyone who comes out for our weekly tournaments. Giving gamers a place they can come to and compete weekly on LAN was a major reason we started this business and we are so thrilled to see so many folks coming out to play. Last week’s tournaments all went well and of course this week we continue with the same schedule. Wednesday night at 7pm is our Tekken, Street Fighter, and Guilty Gear Strive tournaments. Thursday at 7pm is Smash Bros Ultimate and Melee. Friday night at 7pm is Rocket League, Saturday at 6:30 pm is our Warzone tournament. And Sunday 1pm is our FIFA, Madden, and NBA2k tournaments.

Along with our regularly scheduled tournaments we of course are open for casual play for our normal hours. Tuesday through Saturday we are open Noon to 9pm and Sunday we are open 11am to 4pm and of course are closed on Monday. Our base price is $5/hour of casual game time but it does get more economical the more hours you buy so you can get 5 hours for just $15 and then you can get a day pass which is 10 hours for $20. Now, members of Des Moines Gaming Club get day passes for $15 so just keep that in mind. 

FYI we will be releasing our next Member of the Month video tomorrow so be on the lookout for that. I am personally excited as I got the chance to sit down and have a conversation with Des Moines Gaming Club’s first ever member.

Now for some esports industry news. In CSGO the finals of one of the biggest tournaments every year was held this past weekend and NaVi came out as definitive victors. They beat G2 3-0 in the Grand Finals and their star player Simple, who is considered to be the best CSGO player in the world, really lived up to expectations and was just on fire throughout the whole tournament. This was the first tournament held on LAN this year in CSGO and it was very fun to watch with a lot of great matches.

In the Call of Duty league the Minnesota Rokker just held their home series, the matches were played online. The results of this weekend solidified the fact that the Paris Legion, London Royal Ravens, Los Angeles Guerillas, and the Seattle Surge will not be at CoD Champs. Because of the new format, only the top 8 teams in the league can quality for champs and so those 4 teams are now done. OpTic Gaming came out and made a statement by beating Atlanta FaZe 3-2 in a round 11 SnD in game 5. We here at DMGC can’t wait for champs to see what goes down!

Gaming lifestyle brand 100Thieves have just released the first ever colab between Gucci and an esports organization. The headlining item is a backpack type bag that is fitted with the 100Thieves logo and color scheme. Looks nice, looks like it is quality and goes for the low, low price of $2,400. Now a lot of folks seem to be offended by that price but as a lot of other people have said, what do you expect when Gucci comes into the esports space. Both them and 100Thieves want to be leaders in their industry which means offering the best possible product.

That’l do it for this week’s update. Thanks so much for watching and for all of your support. See you at the Club!