Tuesday Telecast July 27th, 2021

Good Afternoon Folks, welcome to another Tuesday Telecast. Des Moines Gaming Club’s weekly update. As you can tell from the title of the video, we have a big announcement today. Last Sunday, the 18th of July, Des Moines Gaming Club along with other businesses here inside the Southridge Mall under the umbrella of the Runway Studios were made aware of a notice sent to us by the owners of Southridge Mall, Macerich, stating that we all had 30 days to move out. The notice was no-cause so we do not know the reason behind but it is clear they have decided to go in a different direction. 

This of course came as a bit of a shock, especially with the whole 30 days thing in mind but honestly we’re looking at this as a great opportunity. We have of course appealed to Macerich to see if they would be willing to give us more time to move out but have not heard back. That would mean, as it stands, Saturday August 14th would be the last day that we could be at our current location. Honestly we would love to make a decision on our future destination by the end of this week and then depending on the space, start the move in process before that 30 days is up. Over the past week we all have been searching intently for our next possible locations and we already have some exciting possibilities. Laura, Kennedy, and everyone else has been absolutely fantastic to work with and our space in the Mall made it easy for us to build up our business over the past year. I have learned a lot from all of the business owners here and have to thank them all for helping out so much with the Club. With that said, we do believe wherever we end up next will be more accessible, have higher traffic, and it will certainly not be next to venue space that hosts loud events.

As we have done with the Tuesday Telecast and on our social media channels, transparency is a priority here at Des Moines Gaming Club so be on the look out in the next couple of weeks for announcements regarding our next location. As I said, we are super excited to get this done and put the Club in an even better position than we are currently in. I’d like to take a second to thank my wife for helping run this business and be by my side to help make decisions, I would also like to thank all my friends who have supported myself and the club a whole heck of a lot. Huge shout out to our corporate sponsors who have made a huge impact on the well being of this Club, particularly 21st Century Rehab, Thank you. Finally, I’d like to thank the gamers, customers, and Members of Des Moines Gaming Club. This first month and half or so of being open have been amazing. It has been a true joy to see all you gamers come in and enjoy the space, enjoy playing video games with your friends and cohorts in person, and it’s been a lot of fun hosting tournaments for all of the great communities Des Moines has in all of these wonderful video games. Myself and everyone else associated with Des Moines Gaming Club is committed to continuing to provide a place like this for gamers and to continue to improve what we offer. The future of esports in Des Moines is bright, and we’re only just getting started.

With that big update said, we continue our regular schedule this week of tournaments and casual play. We are open Noon to 9pm today through Saturday. Open Sunday 11am-4pm and of course we are closed on Monday. Our regular tournament schedule is the same and if you want to view that head over to our website and either view the calendar on our home page or click on the events tab and click on interested tournaments to learn more.

Now, for a bit of esports industry news. Two weekends ago Smash Bros legend Mang0 won his first Smash Summit tournament in Ultimate beating Zain in the final 3-2. The match was an insane thriller coming down to the last hit of the last stock. Of course Mang0, one of the 5 gods of Smash Bros Melee, has been in the scene for what seems like forever and is a big fan favorite so many were overjoyed to see this result.

Recently giant video game publisher and developer Activision Blizzard has been in the news for the wrong reasons. A lawsuit was filed against the company that essentially states that sexual harassment and a “frat boy” type of atmosphere were/are common in the workplace. Many in the community have rallied behind the employees of Activision Blizzard to show their support in this lawsuit. The sheer number of complaints against the company speak for themselves and now a majority of employees have planned a walk out strike to make even more of a statement. Sexual harassment has no place in the esports community let alone any community.

5 days ago, EA Games announced season 2 in the Apex Legends Global Series. Year 2 will feature a massive $5million prize pool, console cross-play, and LAN events for this up-and-coming esport. Viewership has seen steady increases and many in the community believe that as far as battle royales are concerned, Apex Legends could be the best of the bunch.

That’l do it for today’s Telecast. Thank you so much for watching, have a wonderful day!