Tuesday Telecast June 29th, 2021

Good Morning and welcome back to another Tuesday Telecast! Last week was our first full week of being open and it was a lot of fun! Besides having lots of folks in to play casually at the Club, we also hosted our first in person local tournaments! We had Smash Bros on Thursday with a huge turnout and then Rocket League on Friday and Call of Duty Warzone on Saturday.

We will continue with those events this week but have also added to our calendar! Tomorrow, Wednesday at 7pm, we will host our first FGC night. FGC stands for fighting game community and the games we’ll be hosting tournaments for will be Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, and Guilty Gear Strive. It will be 1v1 double elimination just like our Smash tournament. We have Tekken on the Xboxes, and then the other two games on the PS5s. Players are welcome to bring their own controllers. This will be our first time hosting tournaments in these games online or in-person so we don’t expect the turnout to be huge tomorrow but if players have a PS5 or new gen xbox and want to bring their setup, they are welcome to. With these consoles being much harder to obtain, it may be that these tournaments move to single elimination for the sake of time, but we’ll see what works and what the FGC wants.

Then on Thursday we will host our second in-person Smash Bros tournament at 7pm. We do expect a relatively large turnout and so we have made plans to have 7 setups, one of them being hooked up to my capture card so I can stream right off of the device. Remember we have two Nintendo Switches, so if we could have 5 setups brought by members of the Smash community that would be great. We are currently working on setting up a Smash.gg page for the tournament.

Moving on we will once again have Rocket League Friday night at 7pm at the Club. We will host Warzone again on Saturday at 6:30 and this time we are opening up the Warzone event to be either online or in-person. We will likely do this for Warzone and any other battle royales simply because we have just 10 pcs and obviously want as many players as possible. For Warzone we really want to get 25 people so that we can do a custom lobby. With 25 people you can do a mini BR custom lobby which is the same thing as regular warzone the zone just starts out much smaller.

Then on Sunday we have our second new tournament day and that is the sports games! We will host FIFA 21, Madden 21, and NBA 2k 21 tournaments. We have all of these games on the Xboxes, thanks game pass ultimate, and then also we have FIFA 21 on the Playstations. Again, you can view the details of all of these on our events page on the dsmgamingclub.com website.

As you can see we are excited to be a hub for competitive gaming. That is one of the biggest reasons for opening Des Moines Gaming Club so that gamers in central Iowa have a place to go to compete regularly. But, its not just the competitive gamers we are looking to serve, as you all know, DMGC is a place where you can come and play or even watch video games casually. Bring out your buddy or group of buddies and have a blast playing together in-person at the club. 

If you have a party of any kind we also offer Club Rental. Whether it be a birthday party, bachelor party, corporate event, or just a LAN party with your buddies. You can rent the club for 2 hours and up to 9 hours. We now have a page dedicated to club rental on our website where you can view the prices and can submit a booking. For now we just need 3 weeks heads up!

That covers the updates for the club today, now on to some esports industry news.

The Overwatch league has gotten under for 2021. The cool thing about the Overwatch league is that this league is global, we have teams from China, Korea, England, France, Canada, and the US. Currently the teams at the top of the tables are the Dallas Fuel, San Francisco Shock, Houston Outlaws, Shanghai Dragons, and the Seoul Dynasty. You can watch all the action on the Overwatch YouTube Channel.

Call of Duty Warzone continues to seemingly host a $100,000 tournament every other day. Next one up is the Toronto Ultra $100k it started yesterday with FaZe Swagg’s team leading the way and continues today. All of the big streamers and professional Warzone players are taking part and Warzone seems to be as popular as ever with all of these big cash prize tournaments. You can watch this tournament on the Toronto Ultra’s YouTube channel.

Finally, the annual Esports Awards have announced their finalists across the industry. Simply go to esportsawards.com to view the finalists and to vote as well!

That’l do it for today’s telecast, thanks for watching and have a good one!