Tuesday Telecast March 2nd, 2021

Hey Everyone, welcome to another Tuesday Telecast! I’m Dan Ralston, owner of Des Moines Gaming Club and this is our weekly update. A couple of housekeeping items to address first. It is my wife’s birthday on Friday and we have family events planned Thursday night and Friday night so unfortunately we will be cancelling the Thursday night Smash Bros. tournament AND the Friday night Rocket League tournament. We have removed the events from the calendar on the website so hopefully there isn’t any confusion there. The Warzone event on Saturday at 1pm is STILL on.

Now, next week on Saturday March 13th, my wife and I are moving so we won’t have a Warzone event that day. We will still have the smash Bros event Thursday night the 11th and the Rocket League event Friday night the 12th. I do apologize for these cancellations but I hope you can forgive us. Obviously, sometimes life happens and things have to take priority. We appreciate the understanding and support.

Something I wanted to mention on here is our Facebook T-shirt giveaway we are currently doing! We posted yesterday about another Blue DMGC T-shirt giveaway and all you have to do is make sure you like Des Moines Gaming Club on Facebook and then share the post from yesterday and then at 6pm Sunday we will pick someone randomly from those who shared the post. Who doesn’t like a free t-shirt!?

Finally we’ll end today’s telecast with some news from the esports world! As many of you know, Call of Duty Warzone received a significant update recently and it introduced Zombies into the Battle Royale mode. It also unlocked some areas around the map revealing missile silos with warheads in them which possibly could elude to a Fortnite like event where the whole map gets blown up and Warzone ends up moving to a new map. We’ll have to wait and see! The Chinese League of Legends League or LPL is underway and the teams are gearing up for the push to Spring playoffs. The LPL is considered by many to be  the best League of Legends league in the world as the Chinese have really asserted themselves as some of the best players on the planet. Look out for a Chinese team to win worlds this year.

Lastly we have to mention all that Twitter beef that was being thrown yesterday in the Call of Duty competitive scene. It’s a community that is used to throwing banter back and forth but it seemed a little more personal than usual at times yesterday. It started with Dallas Empire Owner and long time member of the community Hastro throwing shade at the new Los Angeles Thieves whom the Empire recently beat 3-0 in a match. Among many responses, Courage who is a content creator for 100Thieves, pointed out that even they are a new org, they make more money than Hastro’s org. Throw in a CSGO commentator who was talking crap about everyone in the CoD community and it was quite a spectacle! Of course, this kind of drama is a big reason why people like and follow Call of Duty.

Well, that will do it for today. Thanks for watching and I know we have video games to play but i’m personally excited to start spending more time outside with the nicer weather coming in. Have a good one and happy gaming!