Tuesday Telecast March 9th, 2021

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday! Welcome to another weekly update from Des Moines Gaming Club. First off, congratulations to our Facebook giveaway winner Bryant! Thanks to everyone who participated by liking our Facebook page and sharing the giveaway post, that’s two Blue DMGC t-shirts we’ve given away now and I bet we’ll do more giveaways in the future!

Our Thursday and Friday locals are back this week so be sure to sign up for the Smash Bros tournament on Thursday at 7 and then our Rocket League tournament on Friday at 7. Our Saturday Warzone local is cancelled for this week due to my wife and I moving that day. Now, the following we should be back with all three weekly locals assuming our internet is all set up and good to go by then which it should be since that is at the top of my priority list. Also in regards to online events, we are working on setting up a Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War tournament for Sunday March 28th. It would likely be at 1pm but we haven’t settled on that. This would be a 4v4 CDL style tournament and would be the first of our “rotating” sunday online events. We haven’t finalized it yet though like I said so it’s not on our website but when we do we will post about it and we will also use this to draw attention to our Cod league which is currently available for official sign up. We had quite a bit of interest and now we have about 3 teams committed to the league, we just need two more teams or 8 people to start the league. We should get this tournament finalized in the next week or so at which point we’ll post about it. Really looking forward to that.

Just yesterday the CDC officially came out and said that folks who are vaccinated against covid-19 and be with others who are vaccinated without masks in enclosed spaces. We assumed and hoped for this but it was nice to see the CDC come out and say that. As Spring time continues to roll in, it seems we keep getting good news in regards to covid-19. Seriously knocking on wood here but people are now saying that herd immunity could be achieved by the end of May which means our timeline of opening in person this summer currently looks quite good. Fingers crossed vaccine distribution continues to increase and in-person events can be safely held with no fear of major virus spread. There have been multiple delays in us opening our club but boy are we looking forward to it. Having regular tournaments, regular watch parties, and having an awesome place for gamers to hangout is something we truly cannot wait for.

Finally we’ll recap some gaming and esports news from the past week. First off, the professional Call of Duty league or CDL had it’s first Major tournament of the year. Remember this league is being played strictly online along with other major esports due to the pandemic. This tournament went pretty smoothly overall all things considered with only a few minor delays of note. There were a few surprises like New York Subliners finishing 3rd overall and 3-0ing OpTic Gaming. But otherwise it was pretty apparent that the best two teams are Dallas Empire and Atlanta FaZe with FaZe Clan coming out on top fairly handily. The Grand Finals were a new format where the Winner’s bracket winner didn’t have to be beaten twice, instead they played a best of 9 series rather than the regular best of 5. It was interesting but people in the industry had mixed reviews, especially because in theory a best of 9 match could take quite a lot of time to complete.

Valorant’s new 2021 Master’s Champions tour starts for the North American teams on Thursday March 11th and can be watched on their dedicated Twitch channel. There has been a lot of hype for Valorant since it came out in the Summer of last year as many people said it will became a great esport title. I know we’ll be tuning in to watch!

The FIFA 21 eMLS cup begins soon with the last chance qualifier happening March 15th and 16th with the actual tournament starting March 20th. What the MLS have done here is pretty cool, each team has a FIFA 21 player representing them and the players use their FIFA Ultimate teams to compete. I’m personally a big fan of FIFA so I’ll be tuning in for sure. All matches will go live on the official MLS Twitch channel, found below. All games will also be available to stream on their Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages, as well as MLSsoccer.com and the free MLS app.

That’l do it for this week’s Tuesday Telecast. Have a great day and enjoy the beautiful weather we’ve been having! Thanks for watching and see ya next time!