Tuesday Telecast May 24th, 2022

Good Afternoon folks and welcome back to another Tuesday Telecast from Des Moines Gaming Club. We’ll start off by talking about the schedule here at the Club this week because I have my sister-in-laws wedding to attend this weekend which means I will be away from the Club for sometime. Some festivities are happening Friday night at 8pm that I will be attending so the Club will be closed Friday night at 7:45pm. Then Saturday being the day of the wedding, I will be occupied the whole day so I have Ethan working on getting his regular job off so that he can be at the Club from 4pm till 11pm but his regular job is a little understaffed so he is unsure if he’ll be able to get the time off. That means stay tuned to our social media pages on Facebook and Twitter where will be sure to update you all on we for sure know about Saturday. I will also be sure to update the hours on google so that on Saturday you can simply google Des Moines Gaming Club and see if we are open or temporarily closed.

So, that means our casual play schedule this week is Tuesday-Thursday 1pm-10pm, Friday 1pm-7:45pm, Saturday still to be determined depending on Ethan’s availability but if he can cover the Club will be open likely from 4:30-11pm and then Sunday is normal hours being open 11am-5pm. Our weekly tournament schedule is FGC Wednesday at 7pm with tournaments in Guilty Gear Strive and King of Fighters XV and of course plenty of casual matches. Thursday night is Smash Bros. with Squad Strike at 6:30 followed by singles at 7pm. Friday night there will not be FIFA 22 since we will be closing early and then Sunday we will still have our Rocket League tournament at 1pm!

Moving on, this past Saturday we hosted our monthly Fighting Game tournament Clash in the Captial and it was a lot of fun as always. Had a good turnout and we certainly had some great sets. We were able to have three of the four tournaments on stream so if you want to watch back all of the action from KOF, Street Fighter, and Strive be sure to check out our YouTube channel. As always, big shoutout to the FGC for coming out.

That’l do it for updates from the Club, now on to some esports industry news. The huge CSGO major PGL Antwerp concluded this past weekend with an epic Grand Finals matchup between the European giants Natus Vincere, or NAVI, for short, up against North American powerhouse FaZe Clan. It also featured two of the best players in the game in Ukranian marksman Simple and Danish veteran Karrigan and it did not dissappoint. Unfortunately the matchup did not go to a game 3 despite both teams being pretty evenly matched but it was FaZe Clan who clutched up and won the trophy and the $500,000 for 1st place. CSGO, despite it’s age, is still one of the most watched esports in the world and this Grand Finals saw over 1 million concurrent viewers across all platforms.

Next up, it’s official, the next Call of Duty releasing this fall will be a remake of Modern Warfare II. This will be the second time a Call of Duty game got a remake, the first one Modern Warefare I aka Cod4. Modern Warfare II is consistanly ranked as one of the best Call of Duty titles of all time so this announcement has a lot of fans excited as many want a return to the “golden age of CoD” and this remake could do just that. There are of course concerns about the new release of Call of Duty simply being a remake as well as what this will mean for Call of Duty Warzone. It will certainly be interesting to see how the game turns out and how it it is received by the fans. My take is that it seems the competitive community are quite excited while more of the general playing base don’t care as much or are perhaps a little disappointed with the news especially because fears that Warzone will grow stale. Personally, I’m excited to play it.

That’l do it for this week’s update from Des Moines Gaming Club. Thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you soon.