Tuesday Telecast November 23rd, 2021

Good Morning gamers, welcome to another Tuesday Telecast, Des Moines Gaming Club’s weekly update. Happy Thanksgiving! The Club will be closed on Thanksgiving, this Thursday, which means no Smash Bros local this week. However, we are hosting our second Smash Bros monthly on Saturday. If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for Downtown Duels soon. Doubles in both Ultimate and Melee will start at 12:30 with singles in both games starting around 2pm. We have a smashgg page so just search Downtown Duels and you’ll be able to find it and sign up. We will accept sign up and payment at the door before the tournaments begin but we strongly recommend you pre-register before hand so we can get a good idea on numbers. If you pre-reg but want to pay in cash that is of course totally fine. Last note about the monthly is that the Club will close after the tournament is finished so there will be no casual play available on Saturday.

Other than being closed Thursday for the holiday and the monthly on Saturday, it is a regular week here at the Club. Today and tomorrow we are open for casual play 1pm-10pm with our weekly FIFA 22 tournament happening at 7pm on Wednesday, Friday we are open for casual play 1pm-11pm and we have our FGC local at 7pm that night. The official tournament is in Melty Blood: Type Lumina but of course we’ll have setups available for casuals as well!

Then Sunday we are open normally from 11am-5pm with the Rocket League weekly tournament at 1pm. Next month we plan on doing some tournaments in Valorant, Call of Duty Vanguard, and Halo Infinite. These tournaments will likely happen on Saturday afternoons so be sure to keep an eye out for those announcements but all three of those games we really want to start creating a competitive community. 

Now for some esports industry news. Halo Infinite’s launch has been well received overall by the gaming community and just this past weekend Halo held it’s first online invitational competitive tournament. Fans are very pleased with Halo coming out with set competitive maps, rules, and modes which made this competitive tournament easy to run and fun to watch for spectators and it allowed them to capitalize on being able to have a tournament so soon after it’s release. The Grand Finals was a really great match between Cloud 9 and OpTic Gaming which saw OpTic come back from the loser’s bracket and win two series in a row to win the tournament. The first Halo LAN event is set to be held in just two weeks in North Carolina.

With all of this hype around competitive Halo, there have been a lot of old Halo pros that want to come back and compete in the game again. Halo was one of the original competitive games, especially here in the United States but as the Halo games started to fall off in popularity, prize money in other esports became more attractive to the best players so for example a lot of pro Halo players moved to professional Call of Duty but with Halo Infiinte’s release players like Formal, Shottzy, and Snipedown have all been participating in online scrims and tournaments with lots of rumors of different joining Halo competitive teams. The biggest piece of news in this regard is that longtime Halo great Snipedown who has 24 Halo tournament wins to his name has decided to leave his place on the TSM Apex Legends team and join FaZe Clan as their in-game leader on the Halo team. It will be interesting to see if any other pros make the switch back.

Every year the gaming community holds the most prestigious awards ceremony known as the Esports Awards which points out the best in the industry from content creators to pro players and to organizations. It is definitely worth watching live as it is super fun to see all of those famous esports personalities in one place but if you weren’t able to catch it, just go to esportsawards.com to see who won in each category. Probably the most important award is for top esports organization of the year and 2021’s winner was 100Thieves.

That’s gonna do it for Today’s Telecast, thanks so much for watching and have a great Thanksgiving!