Tuesday Telecast November 30th, 2021

Good Afternoon everyone and welcome to another weekly update from Des Moines Gaming Club. On Saturday, we hosted our second Downtown Duels Monthly Smash Bros tournament. We had 1v1 double elimination tournaments in both Ultimate and Melee and we also had a 2v2 tournament in Ultimate. There were 54 contestants across all tournaments with a handful of folks who came just to spectate so it was easily our most attended event in the history of DMGC so THANK YOU to everyone who came out. With $8 pot entry plus the $100 bonus pot we added, there was some serious cash handed out to top finishers. Big shoutout to Trejohn6 and Gunla once again for helping run the tournament. Already can’t wait for the next Downtown Duels!

This week’s schedule at the Club is regular except for Saturday we will be closed as I have a wedding to attend. That means casual play is open at the Club Tuesday-Thursday 1pm-10pm, Friday 1pm-11pm, and Sunday 11am to 5pm. Our weekly tournament schedule is normal this week as well with FIFA 22 Wednesday night at 7pm, Smash Bros local Thursday with doubles starting at 6:30 and singles starting at 7pm. Friday night at 7pm we have our FGC local which is Tekken 7 for the tournament this week. And of course with both Smash Bros and FGC casual matches will be played before, during and after the tournaments for anyone who wants to! Finally, Sunday at 1pm we have a solos rocket league tournament.

The smash gg pages are live for both Smash Bros and FGC locals for the whole month of December. Some feedback we’ve received is that we should have those smash gg pages available further out so folks can pre-register and thus have an idea as to who else is going. On smashgg simply search for our tournament and you should find it. Otherwise we’ll periodically send out the links on our social media pages as well.

One thing I want to mention is a big esports event happening over in the Quad Cities on December 11th. Honeypot 2, the Smash Bros and fighting game regional hosted by St. Ambrose Esports and Quad Cities Esports will be held at the Putnam Theater in Davenport, IA. All the details can be found on their smashgg page which can be found by searching Honeypot. We have had the pleasure of meeting and hosting some of the quad cities fgc folks and they have been big supporters of us so if you are interested be sure to participate!

Now, also on December 11th, Des Moines Gaming Club is hosting a Call of Duty Vanguard 4v4 pro ruleset tournament here on LAN at the Club. It starts at 2pm and costs $10 to enter. $5 goes to the venue fee and $5 goes to the pot. You can sign up by yourself, with a buddy or two, or with a whole team. It will be played on PC but controller will be preferred. Entering into this tournament gets you access to the Club for the whole day. 

Then on the following Saturday December 18th we are hosting a 4v4 pro ruleset Halo Infinite tournament on LAN here at the club. Also on PC and starting at 2pm you can again sign up by yourself, with a buddy or two, or with a whole team. For both of these tournaments, we’ll assemble teams just before the tournament starts based on skill and experience. Both tournaments can be signed up for on smash gg. Just search DMGC call of duty or DMGC Halo infinite and you’ll find the page. We’ll also be posting the links to the sign up pages soon on our social medias. Super excited for these two tournaments because we’ve had pretty good interest in both games and there is a lot of hype surrounding each one. As always, if you have any questions reach out to us through email at info@dsmgamingclub.com, call us at 515-850-2197, message us on Facebook, Twitter, or Discord.

The last bit of Club news we want to make you all aware of is the days we’ll be closed during this holiday season. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday December 24th-27th we will be closed and then Friday and Saturday December 31st, and January 1st we will be closed as well due to the holidays. We appreciate everyone’s support and we look forward to taking some time off. Hopefully everyone has a great holiday season as well.

We’ll cap off today’s Tuesday Telecast with the official Warzone trailer for the new map Caldera. It came out today and if you haven’t seen it already then be sure to go watch it because the map looks absolutely stunning. Set on a Pacific Island, the scenes and points of interest look really cool and I personally can’t wait to try Warzone out on the new map.

Thank you for watching and have a great day!