Tuesday Telecast September 28th, 2021

Hello and welcome back to another Tuesday Telecast, our weekly update from Des Moines Gaming Club. First on the docket today we’d like to let everyone know how our first Smash Bros monthly went that took place on Saturday. We had 40 participants in the first ever Downtown Duels and even a few more people who came in to spectate. We are so thankful to everyone who came and while we certainly learned a lot and will be sure to improve how we run monthlies in the future, overall it honestly went really well. We started matches just shortly after 12:30 and the grand final of Ultimate was finished around 5pm so we were able to keep things moving at a pretty decent pace throughout the afternoon. 

The weather was gorgeous and there was even a food truck outside the club thanks to our neighbor business Black Collar Crossfit who also had a big event going on Saturday. The next time we do a monthly, we expect to have most of the parking lot right in front of the Club available for our customers, usually we are the only business open on Saturday’s that uses the lost, it just so happened Black Collar was doing a big event as well. Thanks to all of the participants, plus $100 of additional pot from DMGC, we handed out well over $300 of cash prize to the top finishers on Saturday. Providing a competitive scene for video games in the heart of Des Moines is one of our top priorities and we are so happy to provide that to you gamers. Like I said, we’ll only continue to get better and will continue to hand out those cash prizes in as many games as we can. Your support is truly appreciated. We’d like to give a special shout out to Gunla and Trejohn who helped TO the first ever Downtown Duels. They’ve been a big help to DMGC and we are very thankful. Stay on the lookout for when we host our next Downtown Duels, after hearing some feedback we will most likely be running a doubles tournament before the singles tournaments start, and we will likely increase the entry fee so that the pot size is even bigger which will also mean payout to more folks. It is likely that Downtown Duels along with other monthlies DMGC may host in the future will be actually held every two months rather than every month simply because we hope to host other events and we want to keep as many Saturdays available as possible for all those casual gamers out there. But again, thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday and who helped make it possible, it was a blast!

This week at the club will follow a normal schedule. Today, tomorrow, and Thursday we are open for casual play from 1pm-10pm, Friday and Saturday we are open from 1m-11pm, and then on Sunday we are open from 11am-5pm. Our tournament schedule will be the same this week too with FGC Wednesday night at 7pm, Smash Bros weekly Thursday at 7pm, and Rocket League local Friday night at 7pm. For Rocket League we are trying something a little different due to some feedback we’ve had from the Rocket League community. Each week no matter how many people turn up, we are going to communicate ahead of time that we are doing a solos tournament, duos tournament, or trios. Rocket League players have different interests we understand and it may help turnout if people know exactly what the format will be so for this week we will be doing a solos tournament. We will update the title on our website and will also mention it when we post about the Rocket League local on our social media.

This week we are going to be working on a new tournament schedule for the next couple of months. For awhile now we’ve been talking about changing up the dates that the tournaments take place so that some folks who haven’t been able to make it because of work or whatever reason will have a new day they can hopefully make it to. We will be sure to announce the new schedule as soon as it is confirmed and we will likely talk about it in next week’s Tuesday Telecast.

Finally, we have word from our Sign company that the final bit of signage on the outside of the building will be installed sometime next week so that’s super exciting!

Now, let’s move on to a bit of esports industry news. With the release of Halo Infinite, Halo is really trying to put itself back into the heads of gamers everywhere and they want to do that in esports as well. Halo esports which will be called the Halo Championship Series or HCS has announced it’s first event that will be played on Halo Infinite. The Kickoff Major will be held in Raleigh, NC on December 17th-19th and will have a prize pool of $250,000. It will have open bracket and pool play with tickets going on sale tomorrow at 8am central time. You can find the tickets at Halowaypoint.com.

There have been rumors flying around the Call of Duty League for awhile now regarding the merger of Dallas Empire and OpTic Chicago. It has been heavily reported that those two teams are going to merge and will be called OpTic Dallas. This means that NRG who owns the Chicago CDL slot, may be selling it to Washington Esorts Ventures who is based in Washington, DC. This has Call of Duty fans guessing at what the new team name will be. Apparently, Washington Esports Ventures has filed trademarks for the name Team QNTM spelled QNTM so naturally many people believe this will be the name of their CDL team. Only time will tell!

A major move that happened recently in the world of video games is another big time merger between the world of content creation and esports. Streaming giant TimtheTatman has signed for Complexity, the Dallas based esports company owned in part by Tim’s favorite NFL team, the Dallas Cowboys. This is a big move for Complexity as TimtheTatman regularly has 60,000-100,000 viewers on YouTube.

Well folks, that’l do it for today’s telecast. Thanks for watching and be sure to like the video and subscribe to our channel to stay up to date with all things esports in Des Moines.