Tuesday Telecast August 17th, 2021

Hello again everyone and welcome to another Tuesday Telecast. As you can see, we have a change in scenery. I am shooting this video from the new home of Des Moines Gaming Club here at 423 SW 8th St.! On Sunday, myself, my wife, and some close friends and family moved everything we owned from Southridge to here. All things considered, it went really smoothly and in total took about 7 hours. Nothing broke and we even got that super heavy coach into the new lounge area. I can’t thank everyone who helped enough because I know moving a business on a Sunday isn’t high at the top of anyone’s list to do. After we were completely done Sunday we did have some pizza and beer to celebrate the new place which was very nice.

So, let me go ahead and update you all on what I think the current timeline is. We still have quite a bit of work to do today so that we can be open for casual play tomorrow. I am 100% confident that we can host our FGC tournament tomorrow night at 9pm and the Smash Bros tournament at 7pm Thursday. We have internet, we have the furniture, and of course we can setup the consoles and monitors that we have but its nice that with those two tournaments, the community brings their own controllers and also brings additional setups. I certainly hope to and plan to be open tomorrow at 1pm for casual play but the main thing still needs to be down is the setup of our network rack that includes our server that houses all of our PC games and software. But if that gets done as well as a little bit more of moving things around we should be good to go. Expect a post on our social media channels and some updates to our website tomorrow morning to find out for sure. 

Since we have moved to a new, exciting location we will be doing another Grand Opening. This will likely happen 2-3 weeks from now at the point where we have everything set up how we want it. That includes finishing touches like LED lights where we want them all around the space, TVs on the walls rather than on carts, and some banners that will help to decorate and explain our services. Perhaps most importantly, we won’t have the Grand Opening until  we have some signage on the outside of the Club. We are working with some sign companies now and are hoping to settle on a proposal basically any day now. When the new sign gets up on the outside and we’ve got the inside looking how we want it to, this place is going to be AWESOME. At that point, we intend to host a Grand Opening that will be boosted by some significant advertising.

So as far as the schedule for this week, we intend to keep the same tournament schedule at least for a week or two while we get the new space fully set up. That means that for this week and next week at least we will continue to do Fighting game tournaments on Wednesday’s at 7pm, Smash Bros tournaments, both Ultimate and Melee, on Thursdays at 7pm, Rocket League tournaments at 7pm on Fridays, Warzone at 6:30pm on Saturdays and then our sports tournaments in FIFA, Madden, and NBA2k at 1pm on Sundays. In a few weeks, we will likely change our tournament schedule since we’ve had that schedule for awhile now and want to rotate dates and times so that if there are folks that haven\’t been able to make certain tournaments, they will hopefully be able to make the new times.

With the change in location, we will be expanding our hours of casual play. So, starting tomorrow, (barring any delays), our new hours will be Tuesday-Thursday 1pm-10pm. Friday and Saturday will be 1pm-11pm, and Sundays will be 11am-5pm. Mondays, we will still be closed. Again, tomorrow morning, expect to see these changes on the website and probably in some posts on social media.

I’m thinking in next week’s Tuesday Telecast I should be able to walk around the space and give a virtual tour once everything is a bit more set up.

Before I go, let me briefly touch on some esports industry news. COD Champs is coming up this weekend and it has been built up with much anticipation. The top 8 teams in the CDL will battle it out for the biggest and most important Call of Duty tournament of the year. Matches start at 2pm on Thursday on the Cod League’s YouTube channel and we intend to stream every minute of it so if you are CoD fan you’ll have to stop by the Club and watch some matches. 

The qualification for probably the biggest esports tournament in the world, The League of Legends World Championship more commonly referred to as simply “Worlds”, has begun with teams from all over the world having qualified already. A majority of slots for Worlds are still open but 2 of the 3 teams from North America have already been determined and they are 100Thieves and Team Liquid. Worlds will begin in October with the final set to be played on November 6th.

Well folks that’l do it for today’s Tuesday Telecast. As always, if you have any questions about the Club please feel free to reach out. You can reach us by email at info@dsmgamingclub.com, by direct message through our Facebook or Twitter pages, on Discord (our server invite you can find on our website), or by phone at 515-850-2197. Thank you everyone for watching, and we’ll be seeing you soon!