Tuesday Telecast August 31st, 2021

What is going on everyone, it’s ya boy DMGC Kingpin back with another Tuesday Telecast. First off thank you to everyone who watched last week’s Telecast as it has done very well and we are glad everyone enjoyed the tour of the new Club. It was fun to do as that was the first Tuesday Telecast to not be scripted. Anyways let’s get in to the updates on the Club. Just this morning we were able to finally verify our new address on Google so now, the correct address will show when you google Des Moines Gaming Club. After that, the last really big item is the signage on the outside of the building and that has been approved, paid for, and confirmed so now it is just a matter of time. The time table we’ve been given is that our window vinyl decals will be applied to our door in about a week or so and then the illuminated logo and non-illuminated words that will go above our entrance will likely be completed in about 5 weeks or so.

This week we have our regular casual play hours every day except for possibly Saturday. Saturday and Sunday I have a wedding to attend out of state so I will not be at the club, we have our friend, Founding Member, and Discord Moderator Ethan who will be covering for me which I very much appreciate. Ethan of course has another job but so far is able to open the club from 5pm-11pm on Saturday. The rest of the days will be normal so that is today, Wednesday, and Thursday from 1pm-10pm, Friday 1pm-11pm, Saturday like I said most likely going to be 5pm-11pm, and then Sunday 11am-5pm. We also have our weekly tournaments going as usual so that means Street Fighter V, Guilty Gear Strive, and Tekken 7 will be Wednesday at 7pm. And the FGC has started a 4th side tournament in addition to the main 3 so if you are remotely interested in fighting games, you should definitely come on out because you can play in possibly 4 tournaments and get lots of casual games in. Thursday at 7pm is our Smash Bros. Ultimate and Melee tournaments. And then finally on Friday at 7pm is our Rocket League tournament. We have put on hold our tournaments that we usually have held on Saturday and Sunday partly because I have two more weddings to attend the following two weekends after this one so that will be 3 consecutive Saturdays starting this weekend that I will not be here!

Last thing I want to mention is that we’ve really appreciated all the positive feedback on the new location. We are super excited about being here, we know there is a lot of potential, and we are happy to see you all enjoying it so much so thank you.

Now, for a bit of esports industry news.

The Call of Duty World Championship took place two weekends ago and it saw a dominant performance from the #1 rated team Atlanta FaZe. No team really was able to challenge until Toronto Ultra put up somewhat of a fight int he Grand Finals. Which means Toronto Ultra got 2nd, and then it was the Dallas Empire who got 3rd. As it usually happens every year immediately after CoD Champs, rostermania in the CDL has started in full swing with the most notable things being Los Angeles Guerillas and Paris Legion have released their entire squads, Formal of OpTic Chicago has retired and Envoy of OpTic Chicago was dropped, and finally a merger between two storied rivals, OpTic and Envy aka Dallas Empire, has been rumored to be in the works. 

In League of Legends, the North American LCS Summer Championship took place recently with 100Thieves sweeping Tea Liquid 3-0. Both teams qualify for Worlds with Cloud 9 being the third team from NA to qualify.

Finally, the teams that will be competing in Halo Infinite Esports at the beginning have been announced. They are Cloud 9, eUnited, EnVy, FaZe Clan, Fnatic, G2, Natus Vincere, Sentinels, and SpaceStation. A lot of storied esports organizations in that list of 9 so it will be fun to see just how good Halo esports can become again.

Thank you all for watching today’s Telecast and have a good rest of your Tuesday!