Tuesday Telecast September 7th, 2021

Good Afternoon everyone and welcome back to another Tuesday Telecast, Des Moines Gaming Club’s Weekly Update! Want to start out by giving a big shoutout and thank you to Ethan who ran the club Saturday and Sunday while I was away and also a thank you to everyone who came in over the weekend that I didn’t get to see.

In the next couple of days we expect to get some vinyl decals on our glass door so that’s exciting that we will finally be getting something up that actually shows that this space is Des Moines Gaming Club. I’ll be sure to post a picture of it just as soon as it is finished.

One thing I want to mention especially now that we have moved and our setup at our new location is the fact that the Club can be rented for private events. Whether it be birthday parties, bachelor parties, corporate events, or you just want to have a LAN party with your buddies, DMGC would be an amazingly fun place to have your event. When you rent out the club you get the whole place to yourself, you can bring in your own food and drink, you’ll have a DMGC employee assigned to just your party for any technical needs, and of course everyone who is with the party can play on any system for free during the reservation. Starting at just $200 this is a very fun and affordable way to have an amazing get together. You can book the club online at our website at dsmgamingclub.com/club-rental and if you have any questions feel free to email us at info@dsmgamingclub.com, call us at 515-850-2197, or message us on Facebook or Twitter.

Otherwise, pretty normal week ahead here at Des Moines Gaming Club with our typical hours being Tuesday-Thursday 1pm-10pm, Friday & Saturday being 1pm-11pm and then Sunday being 11am-5pm. Now, stay tuned for a possible change to Saturday hours as I once again have a wedding to attend so I will not be available to be here. Ethan is still checking to see if he can as well so we will update you as soon as we can. Our tournament schedule is the same as usual with fighting game night tomorrow at 7pm, Smash Bros Thursday at 7pm, and Rocket League Friday at 7pm.

Now, for a bit of esports industry news. The Los Angeles Guerillas of the Call of Duty League have announced their roster for the upcoming season and it seems pretty dang solid. It’s made up of Slasher, Asim, Gunless, and Huke. All four of whom are quality players. Slasher and Gunless are sort of these veteran AR players who at different points in their career could have been considered the best AR in the game and then Asim and Huke are both very good SMG players, Huke having a great history with the Dallas Empire winning it all two years ago and then ASIM having just had a really good season. Will be interesting to see if LAG can challenge this year after having possibly the worst team last year.

The location of the League of Legends World Championship has really been put through the ringer in the past few months. Originally planned to be hosted in China this Fall, it was then rumored to be moved to either Germany or the US due to COVID-19 protocols. Now, just last week, it got officially moved to Iceland. Iceland is really popping off with esports events seeing as how they just hosted the Valorant Champions tour a few months ago.

Finally, popular esports organizations OpTic Gaming and FaZe Clan have come together on a merchandise collaboration that has fans really talking. Traditionally heated rivals, especially in Call of Duty, these two orgs are fan favorites and known around the world. The hallmark of this merch release is a combination of their two famous logos being put on shirts, jackets, and chains. Two org collabs have been a thing before but they aren’t all that common so be sure to check it out if you are interested.

Well that’l do it for today’s update, thanks so much for watching and we’ll talk to you again soon!