Tuesday Telecast June 28th, 2022

Good Afternoon folks and welcome back to another Tuesday Telecast from Des Moines Gaming Club. This Saturday is our Super Smash Bros. Monthly Downtown Duels! Doubles in both Ultimate and Melee start at Noon and then Singles in both Ultimate and Melee start at 1:30pm. The venue fee is the same at $7, only  $5 if you bring a setup. Reminder to Ultimate players that we have 6 total monitors we can use so if you can, bring an extra monitor with your Switch. Doubles tournaments are $5 for pot to enter and then singles tournaments are $8 for pot to enter. Of course we will add $100 of pot bonus to the singles tournaments and we split that between Ultimate and Melee dpeending on attendance. With $8 pot and an extra $100 of pot bonus, you do not want to miss Downtown Duels and your shot at the big cash prizes. For anyone that wants to simply come and watch the venue fee is $5. We’ll of course have the Ultimate tournaments streaming on our DMGC YouTube channel and our good friend GDubs will be streaming the Melee tournaments on his Twitch chanel which is twitch.tv/gdubs spelled g d u b s. If you are interested please find our start.gg page by going to start.gg and simply searching for Downtown Duels. But, if you’d rather, you can sign up in person on Saturday as well, just be sure to get here with adequate before your event starts. Finally, as always on Monthly tournaments days the Club will be closed for casual play so that we can operate the tournament and utlitize our entire space. Can’t wait as this will be our 5th Downtown Duels. 

Besides that exciting event the weekly schedule here at the club will be regular with casual play hours being Tuesday – Thursday 1pm-10pm, Friday 1pm-11pm, and Sunday 11am-5pm. The weekly tournament schedule is normal as well with Fighting Games wednesday from 6pm – 10pm featuring main tournaments in Guilty Gear Strive and Soul Caliber VI and plenty of casual matches. Thursday is our Smash Bros. weekly with doubles at 6:30 and singles at 7pm. Friday is FIFA 22 at 7pm and Sunday is Rocket League at 1pm. 

We’ll move on to a couple of esport industry news items. The big Apex Legends Global Series World Championship is set to occur not this weekend but next Thursday July 7th, through Sunday July 10th. It’s being held in Raleigh, NC and will feature the definite best 40 teams in the world battling it out for $2 million in cash prizes. There are many teams that would be considered favorites to make it to championship Sunday but in reality 1st place is completely up for grabs when you consider that the most recent Major LAN tournament in Apex was one by a team that was using a substitute player. Like most Apex tournmaents, the world championship will follow their tried and true formula of group stages being held on Thursday and Friday morning, with knockout stages happening Friday night and Saturday, with the Final 10 teams qualifying for championship Sunday where teams will accrue points until they are on “match point” when they will need to then win a game to secure the championship belt. It’s going to be super exciting for sure so be sure to tune in on either YouTube or Twitch.

About a year ago Envy Gaming and OpTic Gaming merged into one entity which caused quite a stir in the North American esports scene as traditionally they have been two of the biggest brands in the region. Now, as of yesterday, the Envy brand is officially no more as Hastro and Hecz announced on their podcast that the Envy Rocket League team would transition to be the OpTic Gaming Rocket League team thus leaving Envy with no esport teams competing. It’s crazy that for the longest time these two teams were rivals, especially in Call of Duty and now thye’ve merged and Envy is gone. Hastro did say that they may do something with the Envy name in the future as they are keeping a hold of the rights to the name but for now it is all gas into the OpTic Gaming Brand.

That’l do it for today’s weekly update, thank you for watching and have a great day!